"Truly Magical"

New Orleans is magical, is it not? Why it simply oozes paranormal what with vampires, voodoo, and haunted houses. It should be no surprise to learn that a glorious silver bowl, enchanted by the wizard Merlin, would find it's way there - Its goal, to unite a worthy couple, who might otherwise be unable to see past their differences, to find the true magic, which is after all, Love.

Ashley Douglas had grown up in the lap of luxury. She had always spent lavishly until a near reversal of family fortune had taught the family a valuable lesson. Ashley's parents and older brother had learned the lesson well. But Ashley, the baby of the family, had continued to spend like there was no tomorrow...until her father had decided to reinforce the lesson by cutting her off.

Actually Ashley had done very well on her own, with only minor lapses. She is good at her job, has gotten her own apartment, and has taken to riding busses. Then on an excursion to find a unique piece for her boss, an antique silver bowl had called to her. Not only had she spent money, needed to pay bills, on the tarnished item, but she'd gotten caught in the frivolous act, running into her big brother Zach on the way home with her purchase. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, the love of Ashley's life, Jordan Bennett, had chosen that moment to return to town after many years. If explaining to Zach wasn't bad enough enough, Jordan's disdain was far worse.

Zach and Jordan are best friends and nearly a decade older than Ashley. Jordan had always thought of himself as her other brother, but Ashley had had a terrible crush on him. She'd declared her love at her sweet sixteen party, Jordan had tried to let her down gently. Even if hadn't been too old for her, the reversal of own his family's fortunes had turned him into a miser. He would never be able to cope with Ashley's free spending.

Jordan had worked hard to achieved financial success, but at thirty-one was still unwilling to part with his cash. Zach is determined to keep the two apart. He loves his sister and his friend, but knows that Jordan isn't the right man for Ashley. Jordan agrees, but Ashley's bowl has other ideas!

The bowl, who calls "himself" Elvis, is enchanted. The whimsical Ashley is taken aback when she realizes what she's bought (or been compelled to buy) but soon readily excepts the magical assistance. With the bowls interference, Jordan finds himself the head chef of a hotel restaurant with Ashley is his superior. Thrown together constantly by Elvis, Jordan begins to find it difficult to fight his true feelings for Ashley. He realizes that Ashley has come a long way in curbing her habits and that he too has a problem. If he can't get over his fear of poverty, he will never be able to make Ashley happy.

Inevitably Ashley begins to take Elvis for granted, and is taught a valuable lesson. In the end she realizes that she must win Jordan's heart by her own merit. Will she succeed? Will Jordan learn that some things are more valuable than money?

Ashley and Jordan's little mishaps partly instigated by Elvis were a hoot. The wisecracking, blushing, bowl itself was hilarious. If you enjoy a romance liberally sprinkled with humor, Bedazzled is for you.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 23, 2001


Ashley Douglas's frivolous purchase of an antique silver bowl unleashes powers that will give her her heart's true desire: the love of Jordan Bennett...


(Magical Love)
by Christine Holden

Jove Pubns
March 1, 2000
Available: November 9, 2006
ISBN #0515127744
EAN #9780515127744
307 pages
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