"an enchanting historical fantasy romance"

Prince Egann of Rune rejects the throne of his people because he feels incapable of ruling based on failing to keep his deceased brother safe. He speaks from his heart when he refuses to accept the binding to the Amulet of Gwymyrr. However, Fiallan the Wise insists Egann must possess the amulet until the throne is occupied. Though Egann wants to say no, he feels he has disappointed his mentor and his people by shirking his duty so he accepts the role of amulet keeper.

Once he darns the amulet, Egann's world vanishes and he finds he is journeying onto the mortal plane in 467 AD. However, a mortified Egann also realizes he has lost the amulet. He believes that Deirdre of the Shadows, a dancer with power, stole the amulet. However, she recognizes her accuser as the male of her dreams. As they defy human and fairy logic by falling in love, Egann knows what he must do to regain the amulet from a killer seeking to steal his beloved Shadow Dancer too.

SHADOW MAGIC is an enchanting historical fantasy romance that will entertain fans of both genres. The story line enables the audience to believe that Egann and the Faerie are a real species. The action is fast-paced as Egann chases after the amulet while the love subplot is delightful due to the fabulous lead couple. The key that proves Karen Whiddon is an adept conjurer is how the magically interwoven romance, fantasy, and adventure into a charming chronicle that captivates her crowd of readers.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 5, 2003


When the golden stranger appears before her, Deirdre is not afraid. She has spent many nights dreaming of this man on his white charger, this errant Faerie prince. He is everything she is not: light where she is dark. He burns like the fiery sun she is forbidden to see, that she longs to feel on her skin. Will his touch be like flame, searing her instantly into dusty ash—or sensual like sunrays warming the morning air? Yet Deirdre knows true joy does not come just from emerging from the darkness to feel the sun. There is more. Like love and passion, light and darkness are two halves of a whole. In their joining is the magic she seeks.


Shadow Magic
(Rune: Book 2)
by Karen Whiddon

Love Spell
March 1, 2003
Available: March 1, 2003
ISBN #0505524910
EAN #9780505524911
368 pages
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