"fast-paced story of loyalty, redemption and self-sacrifice"

Jaeger is half-human, half-Vector, and until he one afternoon encounters a pompous young Lord's son on the side of the road abusing his horse and blaming the animal for his fall and injuries, he is a Vector who has never sated his hunger with human blood. Unlike many in his Lair, he is also a virgin -- in the sexual sense, and the bloodshedding sense -- not yet having entered the Growth, and never having bedded a woman.

This changes once he rescues Rhiannon, a Bleeder and a witch, from certain death. He finds the young woman at the docks mortally wounded and pale as her life's juices flow into the putrid waters below.

Rhiannon's condition both horrifies and excites Jaeger. But in the end, the Vector's human half wins out and he takes the young woman back to the inn where he is staying so that he can heal and nurse her back to health.

Celd is a Chosen, a Vector handpicked by the Sovereign to father a Vector child. He is neither friend nor foe to Jaeger, their relationship neutral, each associates occasionally passing in the night. This too changes once the elder pure-breed reveals to the younger outcast his intentions to find a Bleeder to play hostess to his Vector child. In fact, Celd was on the trail of just such an individual in the area -- Rhiannon -- when the fresh scent of Jaeger's first victim distracted him.

It was Celd who finished off the Lord's son and killed him after Jaeger left the youth injured on the side of the road; but it is Jaeger, guilt-ridden and under suspicion, who finds it necessary to leave town for safer haven.

So begins Jaeger's and Rhiannon's adventures and alliance.

The young witch refuses to let Jaeger leave town without her, convinces him that theirs is the perfect partnership, their requirements mutual. Since Rhiannon needs to be bled periodically, especially during times when she has exhausted her energy using magic, and Jaeger is a Vector who, having tasted human blood, now needs to feed on it regularly to maintain his strength and survive. What better sustenance for Jaeger's hunger than Rhiannon, one who is more than willing to provide the blood he needs, not to mention, she is already half in love with him?

This was a tight, fast-paced story of loyalty, redemption and self-sacrifice where platonic love plays as pivotal a role in the story as romantic love. Complete with a strong and spirited heroine, a noble and shape-shifting half- human, half-Vector who is her match in every way, and a villain as evil and self-serving as the h/h are meant to be together.

The characters are engaging, sympathetic and well written (both supporting and leads). As in this author's previous work, "Free Sprit", there are a couple of instances of rape, but they are integral and don't detract from the story or enjoyment of it (at least not for me). Neither do the references to bisexuality and homosexuality, which only add authenticity and are handled with compassion and sensitivity.

The last quarter of the book is especially enjoyable, both creative and unique in that the hero -- after a spell is cast on him by an elder Vector as punishment for his insubordination -- spends much of it in the form of a mountain cat. Jaeger has all the primal drives of a wild animal but the memories, higher intelligence and consciousness of man. This makes it doubly difficult for him to keep safe Rhiannon or communicate his thoughts and needs to her during their flight from Celd.

"A Gift of Blood" is a true gift and a keeper, and has this reader eagerly looking forward to Ms. Frances's sequel, "From the Heart".

Gracie McKeever, Author
For ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Gracie McKeever
Posted March 5, 2003


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Jaeger needs blood. Half Vector, half human, newly coming of age, he is now drawn to human blood for the first time in his already long life.

Rhiannon, a witch, has a problem with her blood - she produces too much iron to safely live. She decides on a partnership with the Vectors, but before she can approach them, she is attacked and left for dead beneath a pier. Jaeger finds her, unconscious and bleeding.

Fighting against the lure of her blood, he helps her instead. His actions set them both on a course of pain, hunger, terror and love. But can he save her from himself?

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A Gift of Blood
(Blood Bred: Book 1)
by JennaKay Francis

Amber Quill Press
October 1, 2002
ISBN #1592799957
EAN #9781592799954
Paperback (reprint)
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