"More than love between an alien male and human female"

And what a wild ride it was! RIDE THE STARS is a science fiction romance in keeping with the best SFR books around. Jaide Calanarre is partnered with Sesame Calais, stationed on the moon colony, and the women are the best ship augmenters around, able to adjust, coax, and reconfigure a ship to go well beyond its normal limits with ease. So, it isn't that much of a surprise when a ship of Draconians, an alien race that took over the continent of Antarctica, come to the pair to offer a contract to fix up their Draconian ship.

What is a surprise is that Captain Nemesis offers double the usual fee for the job, but the women still don't want to work for them. Sesame gives them a contract to sign, but withholds her own. But that doesn't stop the all male Draconian crew from kidnapping the women when they fall asleep after several hours on the job. After all, THEIR signature was on the contract. Besides, Skye D'rath, the leader of the Draconians, has decided that Jaide has a cute backside.

And thus begins one of the more tumultuous love affairs ever put into a novel. No matter what the big alpha male Skye does to hold on to her, Jaide manages to wriggle that cute backside of hers out of reach. Of course, when in the same room, this pair demonstrates just how compatible they really are. Or should I say essential. This isn't just love between an alien male and human female, it's a fait accompli when they get together. The fact that Nemesis and Sesame also find that they have a lot in common -- eventually -- just adds to the fun.

This book had many really nice plot points. How does an alien race of mostly males deal with their lack of females and survive? How does a normal human woman deal with becoming the unwitting wife of a Draconian male? What is she going to do about her scumbag brother who is forever getting her into debt? And how is she going to win the next big spaceship drag race?

The story wanders about the stars in the same way that a Star Wars movie does, with equally detailed information about each stop. We are treated to a travelogue of the universe as our heroes visit the hot and not-so-hot spots available to them both in the pursuit of business and pleasure. There were some places mentioned that I wouldn't mind visiting.

Jaide is a strong female character, trying to overcome her insecurities of the past, while all the faithful Skye wants to do is overcome her reluctance to be his woman. He is often angry with his little heartfire, when she's given him the slip, but mostly he's simply hurt that she distrusts his sincerity -- not that he lets that stop him from loving her.

RIDE THE STARS was a space romp of the first order, lots of fun and a universal blast.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted March 5, 2003


Augmenter Jaide Calanarre has three goals: to be debt free, stable, and free of men. Being kidnapped with her partner by a crazy band of Draconians doesn't fit in with her plans. Neither does Skye D'rath.

Skye wasn't looking for a woman to complicate his life. Meeting Jaide changed all that in a hurry. Fire lurked just underneath the surface of the independent, quarrelsome woman, and he knew the right man could set it loose. He was confident he was up to the job.

But there's more to worry about for Jaide than fending off Skye's determined pursuit and revving up his captain's ship. Someone wants to kill her, her partner is falling for the captain of their captors, and she's beginning to suspect there's more to their abduction then meets the eye. As everything she thought she knew is turned upside down, dare she overcome her distrust of men and reach for a love as powerful as the chance to Ride the Stars.


Ride the Stars
by Autumn Dawn

New Concepts Publishing
December 15, 2002
ISBN #1586080687
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