"star-crossed lovers meet again -- with love win this time?"

Now this was a reincarnation story I truly enjoyed. Alec Edwards is driving to a fundraiser he has no real interest in attending when something happens to change his life. A car going the opposite direction loses control and jumps the barricade between the lanes of traffic, landing on the car behind him. Once he realizes he's okay, he jumps out to help the victims. The car that caused the accident holds a drunk driver, now dead from his injuries. But the car behind him... as a doctor, he knows he shouldn't get involved with a patient as this young woman instantly becomes since he's the first on the scene. But when she opens her eyes and smiles at him, then says, "It's you. God how I have missed you," it's all over with him. For the first time in his life, Alec finds himself infatuated.

Danielle Morgan has never been in love before... but this man isn't a stranger somehow. Within hours she discovers just how attracted to him she is and it isn't just because he's able to use his surgical skills to repair her face. When she's under anesthesia, she returns to a place where she'd died, Kourion on the island of Cypress. There she relives a time when she, as Adia, confronts and becomes reconciled with a former lover, Demetrius, who'd left her pregnant and unwed. In his absence his family hadn't recognized her child and so she'd suffered. Demetrius, who was Alec at the time, immediately sets out to rectify the situation, but before he can marry her, all three of them, Adia, Demetrius, and their baby are killed in an earthquake.

Very quickly it becomes apparent that Danielle and Alec are truly star-crossed lovers, reliving the same pattern throughout time. In each life there is a jealous individual who interferes with the lovers so that when they meet, fall in love, and produce a child out of wedlock, all three are condemned to death in one way or another. In this life, a psychiatrist who believes in reincarnation stumbles across the truth behind their existence and tries to help them. But will it be enough? Will Dani and Alec learn enough from their mistakes in the past to do things differently, so that this time they and their child won't end up dead?

Another Chance, Another Time was an exceptionally well- written book. The language was rich, the characters interesting and instantly compelling, the plotline beautifully thought out. The notion of a pair of lovers, who repetitively come together, with a secret nemesis that forever interferes, has never been done better. This is the first of Ms. Snodgrass's books that I've read, and I'm now a complete fan. She is a wonderful writer.

Janet Miller Copyright 2003
For & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted March 5, 2003


He has spent an eternity trying to protect and provide for the love of his life. Each time he has failed...miserably. Now fate has given them another chance. Will Alec Edwards and Dani Morgan learn from the mistakes of their past or repeat them all over again?


Another Chance, Another Time
by Catherine Snodgrass

October 1, 2002
ISBN #1553164865
EAN #9781553164869
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