"An engaging and believable fantasy"

Diana is an Adept, which means she is skilled in many kinds of powerful Magick. Win is a Mage, a servant to the Goddess and Balance--the ongoing struggle between good and evil. Win has been dedicated to the Balance since childhood, but Diana had a miserable childhood and thinks Goddess has been manipulating her all her life. They are lifemates, able to share their magical power between each other and mind-speak silently. When a young woman Apprentice is kidnapped from Ocean Magick, a Stronghold of the Balance, Diana has a Sight dream, showing it happening. Diana and Win are sent there and find the Guardian of Ocean Magick has lost his magickal powers. Win will be Guardian Pro Tem until he is healed. Usually the Guardian's lifemate is made Priestess of the stronghold, but Diana has not dedicated herself to Goddess so the High Priestess has come to Ocean Magick to serve in that position instead.

Diana dreams that the abducted Carla is being badly abused and beaten, but the Council refuses to try to immediately locate her, the High Priestess claiming other, more pressing duties. Diana and Win both connect with Bedrock, a powerful source of magick at the Stronghold. It is rare for a lifemate to be able to see the images from Bedrock, but at first doing so almost makes her sick. Still, more and more Diana's talents prove to be extraordinary.

A man that comes to visit the ill Guardian is Diana's father, Janus. She learns he was a Mage, but left the Balance when he got her mother pregnant. Her mother refused to tell Diana anything about him, but Diana knows he left her 16-year-old mother to raise her alone. He tells his side of the story and tries to build a relationship with his daughter. She and Win listen, but neither of them trust him.

Diana feels useless. Because she will not dedicate herself to Goddess, there are things the Council will not let her do. Win's grandmother teaches her to scry, and she sees the body of the kidnapped girl in a ditch, discovered to be just outside the Stronghold. Carla is brought inside and Healer Sulis, Win's sister, is brought in to help with the healing. Sulis becomes romantically involved with Janus. When she leaves with him, the Council believes it was of her own volition, and is ready to cast her out. Diana goes to find her, traveling astrally, and becomes tangled in a mind Web. Janus has set it for her. It takes Win, the Council, and the High Priestess all working together to extract Diana, but they lose her on the Astral Plane. They may never get her back. Ever.

This book is a marvelous read, the characters engaging and perfectly believable. Not only Diana and Win, but other major characters learn and grow along with them. I highly recommend MORE THAN MAGICK. I hope Mary Taffs has more magickal tales to tell!

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Posted March 4, 2003


Diana can't forgive Goddess; Win can't forget that Diana's an Adept. When evil threatens the Balance, will the lifemates need more than magick?

More Than Magick is the stand-alone sequel to EPPIE2003 Finalist Magick. The highly-acclaimed fantasy romance Magick follows Diana into the world of the Balance, where magick is used to uphold good in the service of Goddess. There Diana learns she has previously-unsuspected magickal ability, and that Win, the Mage who's been protecting her, is her lifemate, the other half of her soul.

More Than Magick continues Diana's journey. She and Win are now lifemates, but the Balance is still a puzzling and disturbing world to her. Will she ever truly fit in? Does she even want to?

Meanwhile, Win has challenges of his own. The job of his dreams is now his, and he must learn to deal with a whole new set of responsibilities while his Stronghold is in danger. A Guardian has lost his magick and a young woman has been kidnapped. Are these events related, and what is their significance?

Win and Diana must find these answers. They also must discover the incredible power of their lifemate bond.


More Than Magick
(Magick Series - Book II)
by Mary Taffs

April 1, 2003
ISBN #1587493780
EAN #9781587493782
191 pages
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