"Historical novel of Love and mystery"

It is 1879, in Denver, Colorado and Alexandra Rose Watson is young, gawky and about to fall in love with the man of her dreams - almost literally. Englishman Ross Havenwood, son of a family friend, comes to visit her father. His swift actions during a carriage accident soon after his arrival place him as a 'hero' in Alexandra's mind and her heart. However, he also centers in her dreams, or more appropriately, her procognitive visions, some of which are terrifyingly bloody.

Almost ten years pass. Alexandra is no longer a wide-eyed young girl, her beloved father has died and Havenwood has been named her guardian. He has also purchased her home in Colorado. Alexandra and her closest friend, Flora, journey to England to challenge Ross's claim to her life and property. Ross Havenwood isn't the gentle, courteous young man she remembers; there's a harder, dangerous edge to him now.

And then the dreams, the alternately romantic and then terrifying visions, start again. It's not long before Alexandra realizes her visions of the murder of prostitutes mirror newspaper reports of Jack the Ripper's victims. However, the matter becomes accutely personal when the sister of one of Ross's servants appears to be the next victim. It becomes even more personal when Alexandra learns that Ross has precognitive visions, too. Only in his dreams, he is Jack the Ripper.

MIDNIGHT ROSE is a love story, a paranormal suspense novel and a historical novel. Skillfully researched, Ms. Agnew places the reader not only in the elegant drawing rooms of London society, but also in it's dankest, foulest back alleys. She laces the love story of Alexandra and Ross with passion and tension; Ross Havenwood is a man of several dark secrets which have the reader questionning, from time to time, who the real Ross Havenwood is. Agnew secondary characters add life and vitality to the novel, and also mystery -- a lecherous lord and a secretive, tempermental artist add much to the suspense.

A tale of loss and love, deception and desire, MIDNIGHT ROSE showcases Agnew's talent for creating unforgettable characters and vivid settings. It's a must-read for paranormal and historical romance fans.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by: Author Linnea Sinclair

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 4, 2003


A woman with secret powers and wishes.
A man haunted by nightmares and his desires.
A slayer without remorse.

American, Alexandra Watson, travels to London as Ross Havenwood's ward, and her empathic abilities tell her that shadows haunt Ross and the city that becomes her new home.

When a killer stalks the streets, Alexandra dreams of death, and she is compelled to shelter a young servant who harbors a deadly secret.

Ross will challenge a relentless menace to learn the truth and fight a desire for Alexandra that burns his soul. Someone is killing prostitutes in the East End, and as Alexandra and Ross draw closer to the identity of the murderer, they realize the executioner knows who they are...


Midnight Rose
by Denise A. Agnew

Treble Heart Books
December 4, 2002
ISBN #1931742413
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