"Humorous look at everyday things"

This is a good attempt for the authors first writing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading his work. He has a quirky sense of humor and it shows in his writing.

There are 51 humorous short pieces, 4 of them poems, each one different and one of a kind. The story I love the best is about his telling his daughter that when he was her age you could buy a soda and chips with a quarter. Then he takes her to the store and tells her she can get something as long as it isn't over a dollar and they go up to the counter and she tells the cashier " My dad says, that in the old days you could get a soda and a bag of chips for a quarter!" This one hit home with me; kids have made me feel as old a medusa.

There is the piece on balls: what would happen to the country if all the sports balls disappeared. How the players to the president would react to this sudden disappearance. Or you can enjoy a short read about women and phones, how their attention is so centered on their conversation that their child could get by with a few things. Mr. McGan's stories vary focus from how some people pray to the saints to have them intercede for us; advertising in newspapers; to help with our traveling or even about reading about how we ended up with round plates. The presentation of these things isn't to make fun of them but to make you think.

THE HAMSTER NEVER SLEEPS is about things that we see everyday but most of the time don't even notice. There's something for everyone in this book.

Donna J Whitten Copyright 2003
For and PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Donna Whitten
Posted March 4, 2003


The Hamster Never Sleeps is my first endeavor in the field of writing. It is a collection of short humor pieces that consist of hypothetical situations, fairy tales and essays on everything from time travel to seafood.


The Hamster Never Sleeps
by Michael McGan

1stBooks Library
June 1, 2002
ISBN #1587216086
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