"An excellent time travel debut, I couldn't put it down!"

I loved this book, couldn't put it down, it was so real to me as I was reading it that, even though I knew that the couple would live HEA, I feared for them often. 

Maggie Hobbs, of New Jersey, knows what she loves: teaching.  What she doesn't want is a man who tries to control her life, so its off with fiancee Don and on to Scotland for her first real taste of freedom in a long while. 

Accountant Alex MacKendimen, also of New Jersey, THINKS he knows what he wants out of life as well, to be the youngest partner in his firm, to be a man his late father would be proud of, and woe be to anyone who gets in the way of his goal.  He even has a fiancé of convenience, one who will look good on his arm, be good in his bed, and won't interfere in his life.  Ah, but his late father Gordon had forsaken his inheritance, to be laird of the Scottish clan, in favor of finding his true love in America. The fates have decided that Alex's isn't living up to his fathers TRUE legacy.  The one person he does have true affection for, his elderly aunt, persuades him to accompany her to Scotland where fate takes over in the guise of a fortune teller named Mairi. 

As luck would have it Maggie's tour bus breaks down at the sight of Alex's family's clan gathering. The two meet, but not before Mairi has foretold Maggie's fortune: As a teacher, her mission is to teach a MacKendimen something. The two sit together near an old, half filled in arch (strange things have happened in the past near the arch. A former laird of the clan had had it filled in) ahd Maggie feels strange vibrations coming from the arch. There is attraction between the two, but they realize time will not permit them to meet again in Scotland. They agree to meet in New Jersey instead, but Mairi has other ideas, and pushes them through the arch. 

They awaken in familiar surroundings but yet they are somewhat different too. They are met by a herd of MacKendimen clansmen who recognize him as the laird's son (also named Alex, who has been away 5 years in London -- apparently they are identical in appearance). This should not be a difficult role for Alex, he's strong and ambitious, he even seems to have acquired a new fiancé of convenience.  Ah but what of Maggie? 

Determined to stay together to find a way back home, Alex proclaims Maggie his mistress.  Clan law awarded the heir the right to do, and in that way he felt he could keep her safe. His fiancé has other ideas. As Alex's feelings for Maggie deepen, he chafes at his responsibilities even more.

Now they've learned that the true heir is approaching, and their lives are truly in danger. Will Alex learn his lesson in time to save them?  What will the clan do if the impersonation is discovered? 

I loved Alex's innate goodness. Even Alexander's own father preferred him to his loutish son, no wonder the two women in his life loved him.  The love story unfolds beautifully, and Maggie is a brave and courageous heroine. I loved the epilogue, it was perfect. 

An excellent debut for Ms. Brisbin.  Look for the sequel  A MATTER OF TIME,  Douglas MacKendimen's story, this November from Jove Time Passages.  

Note: The title and the cover of the two books are very similar. Be careful not to confuse the two.

Copyright © 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 22, 2001


To Maggie Hobbs, Scotland was a dream vacation. Finally she could relax and get a new start on life. For Alex MacKindimen, Scotland was a way to free himself from work and explore his family history. Or so they thought...until a mysterious stranger brings them together in a journey through time—on a quest for love...

Medieval Scotland. With the help of fate and an ancient archway through time, Alex and Maggie find themselves thrown into the distant past, and face-to-face with a band of MacKendimen warriors. They claim Alex is the son of their laird—and betrothed to another women! But it is Maggie and Alex who are truly meant for each other. Now he must prove how far he is willing to go—for true love....


A Love Through Time
(MacKendimen Family)
by Terri Brisbin

Jove (Time Passages)
November 1, 1998
Available: November 1, 1998
ISBN #0515124036
EAN #9780515124033
352 pages
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