"Riveting, Sweet, and Hilarious!"

Love Spell's Wink and a Kiss series is back on track with book number #3 AN ORIGINAL SIN, this is a 5 for me. I love when both the hero and heroine time travel ,whether it be together to the past as in Sandra Hill's DESPARADO, or Terri Brisbin's A LOVE THROUGH TIME; or one traveling back in time to bring their true love home to the future, as in Lynn Kurland's A DANCE THROUGH TIME. This one was even better. Both travel to our time, the year 2000, he from 300 years in the past, she from 300 years in the future. Both are fish out of water, for very different reasons.

What happens when a cosmic trouble maker gets bored? No new major calamities to create? Plagues, acts of nature, wars, locusts - He's been there -- done that. How about something more subtle? He doesn't usually mess with humans. They're so unpredictable. But what if ... Okay, so he's decided to take the most incompatible couple of all time, force them to fall in love, then cause them eternal agony by tearing them apart and sending them back home. This could be fun. Ah, but he doesn't count on the power of love, OR the POWERS THAT BE.

Leith Campell of the year 1700, is the ultimate lover of women, a Scotsman who's witnessed the terrible massacre at Glencoe, and a sworn enemy of all MacDonalds. Suddenly he finds himself naked in a strange bed with Four two N (Fortune), who has never even seen a real man.

Fortune is from the year 2300, where a virus has rendered men extinct. Cloning had rendered mankind homogenous and apparently they didn't learn anything the Irish potato famine *G*. It had been her vocation to create synthetic men, made to order for purposes of pleasure. She prefers calm and restfulness, in her emotions and her surroundings (she thinks Leith's a barbarian). Oh yes -- and her ancestors are MacDonalds. Yikes!

As if it isn't weird enough that they've both awakened someplace other than where they went to sleep, there's a strange cat who's adopted them and just won't leave them alone. Both being strangers to this time period, they decide to stick together. Fortune believes that fate has provided her the perfect man, and that her mission is to take him back to the future for the salvation of the human race. She is attracted to him, but as he has this higher calling, she can not have him. He thinks he's been sent here to teach Fortune the joys of love, as payment for his many sins. He is appalled that she would take him into slavery.

Since they have no money, Fortune would have to hock her Grandmother's Celtic cross for cash. Coincidentally *wink* they meet a cabbie who owes Leith's late, look alike ancestor a debt of honor. For that reason he decides to help them. Blade (the cabbie) hooks them up with said ancestor's widow.

Professor Campbell had been digging to discern the true events of the Glencoe massacre prior to his death. His widow believes Leith and Fortune's story and she puts Leith to work, telling his story. This solves their cash dilemma for the time being. But that's the least of their problems! There's the motorcycle thug who doesn't appreciate a new warrior on his turf, Leith's confusion over modern conveniences, Fortune's confusion about her feelings for him, and his aversion to MacDonalds, to overcome. He even refuses to eat at their "bloody restaurant"!

Working together, they become more and more attracted to one another. Fortune soon becomes doubtful of her duty, but Leith still has a deep need go home and make things right with his brother. (Uncomfortable with the killing at Glencoe, he had freed one of the MacDonalds, who later wounded his brother. His brother had branded him a traitor to the clan and hadn't spoken to him since.) Yet he realizes that he would have no life at all without Fortune, even if it means becoming a love slave in the year 2300.

Ah but let's not forget our cosmic trouble maker. When a quest for their missing cat lands them back in the motel where they met, they realize that they've run out of time. Will fate rip them apart as planned, or will something intervene on their behalf? What does the inscription on Fortune's cross mean, oh and by the way who is that mysterious Elvis loving ice cream man that keeps following them around? Those are just some of the mysteries to be solved in this wonderful debut novel. The story is riveting, sweet and hilarious. I highly recommend it, this review just can't do it justice.

Note: If you want to get a feel Leith's time and experiences, I recommend Lady of the Glen: A Novel of 17th Century Scotland and the Massacre of Glencoe by Jennifer Roberson (1692 massacre of the Highland MacDonald clan -- a slaughter that took place during the campaign by King William III of England to subdue the fierce chiefs of Scotland).

Copyright 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 22, 2001


In a time when the male species is extinct, Fortune MacDonald's talents as a "man-maker" are extremely valuable, but when a seemingly perfect specimen turns up in her bed, she wonders if there is more to their love than physical pleasure.

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An Original Sin
by Nina Bangs

Love Spell
July 1, 1999
ISBN #0505523248
EAN #9780505523242
400 pages
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