"An Engaging Fantasy Debut by a Gifted Author!"

Petra Field has a problem: She's got company coming over in a few hours and there's a large blood stain in the middle of her rug. Nothing she does eliminates it. Although the child of two very talented wizards, she has no magic herself, but recognizes the results of wizardry when she sees it. She calls Rapid Renovations to come over and take care of the problem, no questions asked and no police.

Her real troubles begin when Emerald Renaissance Garments and its owner, Dugan, a Val Kilmer-look-a-like beat Rapid to the job. Dugan's employee can cover up the unsightly stain for a few hours, but needs to call in his most-experienced wizard after the party.

When Vorador glides into Petra's home, it's lust at first sight. The wizard is tall, dark, and handsome in his emerald green robe. And from the vibes he's putting off, she realizes he is a very powerful wizard, maybe almost as powerful as her father. The only hitch is she has sworn off wizards. The last wizard she dated, and almost married, was a two-timing louse - - and well, she'd rather not go into the other problems he'd caused after she dumped him, but it's the reason why she wants to avoid the police. So, as far as Petra is concerned, Vorador can make the stain disappear and then follow right along behind it.

Of course, it isn't that easy. Vorador must find out who caused the bloodstain to eliminate it permanently. Only that person's blood will remove the stain.

Thus begins the search for the source of the mysterious blood. Along the way, Petra and Vorador deal with magic holes, Bosco the cat, pigs, a bizarre Hotel California, Amazons, black magic, and their over-powering attraction for one another. It's this attraction and how they deal with it that makes Ms. Anderson's book a must-read. The dialogue between Petra and Vorador is priceless. These two take full enjoyment in ribbing each other, while fighting the sizzling attraction, both literally and figuratively, between them. The scene in which the two finally make love is worth the whole price of the book. Totally creative, unique, and hot. Trust me.

In her first-published book, Ms. Anderson shows she has what it takes to engage and hold the reader's attention from page one to the end. Her characters and their stories are interesting, her dialogue is snappy, and her narrative style is fluid. So, readers of paranormal romance rejoice, there is a new and talented author in the genre.

Moni Draper for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted February 28, 2003


Debut Novel

With enchanted blood on her carpet, a house full of Merlin-wannabes unable to clean it up, a petulant cat, and houseguests scheduled to arrive momentarily, Petra Field needs a miracle. She gets a wizard, a whole lot of unwanted sparks, and a man-sized hole in the middle of her living room—a hole into which her feline promptly disappears. Vorador hasn't felt so incompetent since his days as an untried sorcerer. The girl who leaps after her cat and into his arms causes his simplest spells to backfire—quite literally setting his hair ablaze. And though she claims to be no conjurer, he knows that he's never felt so bewitched, for Petra has a mesmerizing energy of her own: love.


Spellbound In Seattle
by Garthia Anderson

Love Spell
March 1, 2003
ISBN #0505525372
EAN #9780505525376
320 pages
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