"A new author creates a grand fantasy romance"

THE GIVEN is a tale of two people who at their first meeting, find themselves intimately involved, both body and in spirit.

Aria, a girl once rejected from her village is sent to the people at The Tower because of her "sorcery". Shunned from her family and friends, she is forced to trust in the elders of The Tower to teach her that her failings that caused her to be thrust from her village are actually a gift to be treasured and respected. In her new surroundings she finds a new family and kinship to others like herself.

Talon is a Warrior sworn to uphold the trust and protection of the people of The Tower. During "the ceremony", Talon looses himself in the comfort of Aria's arms and begins an adventure takes them through times of tragedy, love and wonder.

Ms. McClellan spins a wondrous tale of warriors, adventure, romance, mystery and a little spice of sensuality to tie it all together. THE GIVEN gives you a wonderful new world to travel without being stuck in the same old story over and over. This is one book that I loved because it is like no other. It's not a futuristic romance, it's not a paranormal romance but something that takes a little from each genre and makes magic!! Bravo for Ms McClellan!

Reviewed by Theresa Norman
Posted May 1, 2003


He Came to Her Bed Out of Duty...
From the darkness came a ship bearing Talon, a warrior priest, whose duty was to change Aria into a woman through the ancient ceremony known as The Given. As a Trancer, Aria knows what's expected of her when Talon comes to her bed. But what happens is unexpected. . . their souls bond and she becomes pregnant. Still, duty demands that Talon leave her. But when her Tower of Sisters is attacked by the wicked Reaper Lord, Mako, and their newborn son is kidnapped, Talon is her only hope in recovering their child.

Because of Fate He Returned...
Talon had abandoned his troubled past to become a Warrior. Then duty had demanded he abandon Aria, but he will not let it do so again. He knows the man who took their son, and despite Aria's belief that their son lives, Talon knows Mako would not have spared the child's life. To avenge his son, Talon vows that Mako will die by his sword.

Now Talon and Aria must travel in search of Mako—Talon for vengeance and Aria to keep Talon, her Giver, from committing murder and destroying their bond forever.


The Given
by Sharron McClellan

Imajinn Books
June 1, 2003
Available: July 1, 2003
ISBN #1893896889
EAN #9781893896888
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