"Another thrilling tale full of wry humor and suspense"

What are you afraid of? Suspicion, mistrust and fear are the watchwords for the nail-biting GRAVE IMAGERY, book three in the Grave Images Series.

Colin Robart is the head of the team of Investigative Security Operations agents in charge of watching Dr Jarron Marshall. Has the controller become the controlled? Just who or what is the entity terrorizing Robart's family and what has it got to do with the secret facility in South America?

Jarron may have adjusted to the spirits and precognitive dreams which are part of his 'gift' but there are still abilities he has yet to explore. Angry spirits, swarms of scorpions and strange cults using human sacrifice are just a few of the things that wait in the future for him and his friends. But first a professionally ruined Jarron must solve more pressing problems. How much further can one packet of crackers last before he had to resort to eating the ferret? How many more burger stands could he try for a job at before someone noticed and how on earth was he going to pay that electric bill?

N. D. Hansen-Hill delivers another thrilling tale with her trademark dash of wry humor which kept me reading well into the night.

Barbara Small for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted February 20, 2003


For the first time in months, Jarron is beginning to think of himself as gifted, rather than cursed. If he can act on his visions, to stop disaster before it strikes, he can largely preclude his ghostly (and ghastly) manifestations. His success depends on finding the means to amend his dreams - and challenge their Grave Imagery.


Grave Imagery
by N. D. Hansen-Hill

Clocktower Fiction
October 1, 2002
ISBN #0743305604
328 pages
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