"Great werewolf story"

In Silver Valley, North Carolina, Hadden McNeal waits at the altar, but his bride to be Miranda Slate fails to show up. Instead her grandmother Elizabeth arrives with a note saying she changed her mind because she does not love him. Hadden confronts Miranda, who canceled the marriage when that very day she changed into a werewolf. Though a half- breed, she cannot halt the metastasis into a wolf when the moon rises. Skeptical Hadden accepts the truth declaring he will help Miranda though he does not know how.

Purebred loup garou Drake Guignard has come for Miranda to complete the vow her mother broke years ago. While he looks forward to her becoming his bride and savior of the divided pack, his wanton killing of humans horrifies her. Still she craves fresh meat and mankind is choice cuts. Miranda rejects Drake and turns to Hadden for help. They visit a mountain witch while Drake begins a reign of terror to force her to acquiesce.

MOONLIGHT LEGACY is a delightful werewolf romance that fans will enjoy because Jewel Dartt insures the transformation of Miranda and the full-blooded Drake seem like real species. The story line is a take on good vs. evil with the twist that Drake's belief in werewolf superior to Homo sapiens turns humanity into a giant stockyard for him and his kind. Though his best friend is to conveniently an expert on the supernatural, Hadden is a wonderful hero willing to risk his life for his beloved. Ms. Dartt provides a strong paranormal tale that will keep North Carolina residents indoors when the bad moon arises.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 20, 2003


Can a doctor forget logic and enter a world of the supernatural to save the woman he loves from the darkness of her heritage?

On the night before she is to marry the man of her dreams, Miranda Slate finds out the shocking truth of her heritage. A heritage so dark and terrifying that she calls off the wedding, retreating from the world. For she is the last of her line...a line of werewolves that trace their beginnings back to the dawn of mankind. Miranda is more frightened than she's ever been in her life. She can't turn to the man she loves, for nothing he or anyone else can do will halt the horrifying changes she's going through.


Moonlight Legacy
by Jewel Dartt

Amber Quill Press
January 11, 2003
ISBN #1592799620
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