"An entertaining and fast paced book"

Cindi Lynn was raised by her mother in San Francisco, after her father deserted them to live with his mistress in Louisiana. After the death of her mother, Cindi received a letter from her father's mistress, Consuelo, asking her to come to her home, Magnolia House, and stay while Consuelo goes to try to free Cindi's father, Jim Lynn who is imprisoned in Columbia.

Cindi arrives at Magnolia House to find Consuela gone and Dell Comeaux living in an apartment on the grounds and coming and going freely from the house. Dell is an artist who works for 'Mr. Jim' as a caretaker while he paints. There is an immediate attraction between the two.

Her ex-fiancÚ and her father's partner, Cliff Aymond arrives with Rita. The woman claims to have been working for Mr. Jim in Columbia and says that Mr. Jim meant to bring her back to America to work for him. Rita stays on with Cindi and works as a cook and housekeeper. Cliff seems to want to renew their involvement, but Cindi, knowing now what a slime ball he is, wants no part of that idea. Dell soon overhears enough to know that Rita is involved with Cliff who plans to run for governor of Louisiana and Rita plans to be his First Lady. Cliff needs the treasure that Consuela has hidden in the house to help finance his campaign and Rita is there to find it.

The house also seems to have a resident spirit called the Loggy Branch Monster. The spirit is reportedly able to appear in the form of either a beautiful woman called Delia, or a black panther.

A treasure, a mysterious fire, an encounter with the panther... this is a fast paced book with a bit of just about everything, including romance and murder. The characters are very well written and the descriptive powers of the author are awesome. Ms. Lawrence keeps the reader on their toes and involved from beginning to end and the ending has some nice surprises, too.

One of the most surprising things about this book is the author herself. I had to take a second look at her bio, because I couldn't believe that this lady was really the author. She's a living inspiration to ALL want-to-be writers and I hope she writes another hundred. Believe me, she's one is a million and this book is a real keeper.

Reviewed for PNR Reviews by Irene Marshall

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 20, 2003


Magnolia House
by Lyn Lawrence

Amber Quill Press
October 24, 2002
ISBN #1592799868
170 pages
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