"Erotic novella is introduction to an imaginative world and people"

On a faraway planet a young woman, Riella, princess of the kingdom of Kegin, has risked herself to save the life of her beloved cousin, Benir, falsely accused of treason. Dressed as a member of the guard, she's managed to sneak him out of the palace and is on her way back to her rooms when she is found by General Tolerin, her father's most trusted soldier. Tolerin has never met her before and doesn't recognize her as the princess. Instead he believes he's discovered a schente, a member of the royal harem of sterile women, who has helped Benir. She doesn't tell him who she is, even when he insists on a price for his silence... a night in his bed. Tolerin has a very special place in the palace - he's entitled to take any schente he wants and he wants this one. To her surprise Riella wants him as well. She's scarcely an innocent -- she's had her own harem of sterile male schaens since she was fifteen - but this man isn't a biddable schaen, or sterile. But he's worth the risk... all four times that night!

Well, he was worth the risk until the inevitable happens - when a fertile woman meets a fertile man, sometimes a baby results. Now Riella and Tolerin must bargain with and convince each other that marriage is the best answer for both of them, with Riella's pregnancy-induced mating urge kicked into high gear, and Tolerin's desire for her stronger than ever. Meanwhile, Ro Ti, Riella's father, is wondering why his daughter would suddenly pick a husband, and who the traitor is that falsely accused Benir of conspiring against his daughter.

This erotic novella is an introduction to Brenna Lyons's imaginative world, and her highly sexual people, the Keen. At times enslaved by their hormones, Riella and Tolerin spend a lot of time enjoying each other's bodies, or trying hard to resist needing the other, the result being highly sensual. But these are also intelligent people, who care for each other, and are forever trying to avoid hurting the other, even when they aren't getting along. Watching their love grow and their acceptance of their relationship is as much a part of the story as the sex.

In addition, there is an engaging mystery plot, of a secret traitor who would easily kill to get what he wants - control of the kingdom through marriage to the king's daughter, even if he has to take her by force. He thinks he just needs to defeat Benir, Tolerin, and Ro Ti, but the man has a worthy opponent in Riella who is much stronger than anyone could expect. She wields a knife with great accuracy and I respect that in a heroine.

The world is well described, particularly the sexual aspects of the Keen, who have some intriguing physical differences. There is a glossary at the end of the story to explain some of the terms used, although most of their meanings are clear from context. As Ms. Lyons has a second book set in this world about to come out, LAST CHANCE FOR LOVE, reading this one should help prepare for it.

Reviewed by Janet Miller
Posted February 20, 2003


Riella is on a mission of mercy, saving her cousin from an unjust death on false charges of treason. When General Tolerin captures her and demands a night of pleasure in exchange for his silence, mistakenly believing she is one of her father's schente, she offers him the night.

Tolerin is not happy to discover that his beloved Deliya is actually the king's daughter, Riella. She has made him the worst sort of fool -- and a traitor. His only chance at happiness -- and of escaping Ro's fury -- is convincing her to become his wife.

Sexual content: NC-17.


Schente Night
(Book One: Kegin Series)
by Brenna Lyons

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
January 1, 2003
ISBN #1894942167
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