"Entertaing story taking the impossible and making it real"

The enemy tortures Colonel Willem Stone to provide them the names of the American spies inside their training camp. Will denies there are any, insisting technology enables the United States to know their plans. When the pain becomes too hard to consciously handle, his mind vanishes into some other place so that he will not reveal the names of the thirteen people working undercover for America. This place inside his mind looks like an ancient world consisting of Gypsies and vampires. One Gypsy has his full attention as Sarafina is so full of life, but she is changed into a vampire in front of his eyes.

Not long afterward, Will regains consciousness in a hospital, but the memories of Sarafina seem so real to him and where he dredged it up from is outside his understanding, but he assumes it is a fantasy. That belief ends when he meets Sarafina and quickly falls in love with her. However, though she loves him too, she does not trust him because he failed her twice as her guardian spirit and she refuses to take strike three especially when he spends an inordinate time protecting the child who may prove the savior or destruction of her kind.

EMBRACE THE TWILIGHT is the typical Maggie Shayne magic of taking the impossible and making it seem not only real, but also entertaining as well. The story line is loaded with non-stop action yet the lead protagonists are an intriguing duo and vampires seem like a bona fide species. Fans of vigorous vampire romances will appreciate Ms. Shayne's latest achievement that never slows down until the end.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted March 22, 2003


Her beauty is spellbinding. Her hunger is insatiable. Her power is immortal.

Return with Maggie Shayne to the dark, erotic world of wings in the night . . .

A creature of the night, Sarafina lives only for pleasure, but love is an emotion she has deemed forbidden. Experience has taught her that love leads only to betrayal and pain, and she wants no more of pain. She cares for no one, tolerating only the presence of those she can control utterly. With her powers, she is convinced she can break anyone.

Willem Stone cannot be broken. He is a challenge Sarafina cannot resist--a man as boldly alive as she is, a man with a will of iron, yet a mere mortal. And the only thing stronger than the clash of their wills is the power of their desire.

But when vampire hunters take Amber Lily, the only child ever born to a vampire, Sarafina and Willem must put their struggle aside and combine their strengths in a rescue attempt that could cost them their very lives. And in the process, they find the most powerful force of all: love.


Wings in the Night reading order:

  • Twilight Phantasies
  • Twilight Memories
  • Twilight Illusions
  • Beyond Twilight (novella)
  • Born in Twilight
  • Twilight Vows (novella)
  • Twilight Hunger
  • Run From Twilight (novella)
  • Embrace the Twilight
  • Edge of Twilight
  • Blue Twilight
  • Prince of Twilight
  • Demon's Kiss
  • Lover's Bite
  • Angel's Pain


  • Wings in the Night (includes books 1, 2, 3)
  • Twilight Begins (includes books 1, 2)
  • At Twilight (includes books 4, 5)
  • Two by Twilight (includes books 6, 8)


    Embrace the Twilight
    (Wings In The Night: Book 8)
    by Maggie Shayne

    MIRA Books
    March 1, 2003
    Available: March 1, 2003
    ISBN #1551666685
    EAN #9781551666686
    400 pages
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