"Delightful mix of humor and romance"

Nic Stone loved his wife Anna very much. The only problem was he was an immortal, a faery, and she was not. He asked Titania to make Anna immortal. She agreed to do so if he would paint her portrait. Nic agreed to her terms, unaware that there was a catch. In order for Anna to become immortal, she had to die and be reborn.

Twenty-five years after Anna died, Nic has finally finished the painting - - Titania was a hard task-mistress and liked having Nic at her beck and call. Back in the mortal world, he's pretty sure he's found Anna as reincarnated in the person of Dianna Fielding, a rock star, who is the spitting image of his wife. The only problem is he is more attracted to Dianna's sister, Stacey. What's a faery to do? And with Titania still sticking her royal faery nose into his love life, Nic's road to finding his soul mate is rocky and full of pixies' causing mischief.

Cupid's Melody is a delightful read. Every woman needs a man like Nic. With the wave of his hand and a few words, he can clean the house, do the gardening, eliminate pesky pixies (I loved the pixies!), and whisk you off to Paris for a candlelight dinner and some site-seeing.

Moni Draper aka Monette Michaels, Author Copyright 2003
For & ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted February 20, 2003


Nic's search to find his reincarnated wife leads him to sisters, Dianna and Stacy. All he has to do is convince Diana, the spitting image of his long-lost Anna, to love him again. Easy for a sexy faery.

Except that Stacy is the one he keeps kissing.

Faery Nic Stone had no idea he was about to make the mistake of his eternal life when he asked the Queen of the Fae to grant immortality to his beautiful bride, Anna. To become immortal, he discovered only too late, Anna first had to die and then be reborn...

It has taken twenty-five years for Nic to re-enter the mortal world to search for his lost love, but he is convinced that he has finally found her. After all, Dianna Fielding is the spitting image of his wife. Masquerading as her gardener, he vows to seduce her heart all over again. But why is it her sister, Stacy, who makes him ache with that all-too-familiar longing? Either someone has cast a spell on him, or Nic is falling in love with the wrong woman. If he follows the stirrings of his heart, will he find true love--or will his beloved be lost to him forever?


Cupid's Melody
(Fae Romance: Book 3)
by Karen Fox

Jove (Magical Love)
January 1, 2003
ISBN #0515134910
EAN #9780515134919
272 pages
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