"Like A Romantic Star Trek, but better!"

Author Cherie Singer has done a great job with this book. It is definitely an enjoyable read. In my opinion you could classify this book as something similar to a romantic Star Trek only much better.

Picture a very strong hard headed multi-racial/species female, and an even harder headed Bellon male, mate them and you have the makings for a good story. Wulfe, commander of the Falchion, and Commander Cat Culver are just that. They are mates and due to their stubbornness, among other things, have been separate for seven years. That is until Commander Cat Culver, member of the Covert Corps, needs to go aboard the Falchion.

Wulfe is definitely not happy when he finds Cat aboard the ship. He tolerates her knowing she is on a mission for the good of the League. Although Wulfe knowing this doesn't make things any easier between them.

In addition to the mission there are a lot of things going on. There is a planet that is dying out due to a virus infecting the plant life, a killer on board murdering crew members, and an ambassador that has a prejudice against Bellons. As if all that is not enough, Wulfe and Cat are still in love and far too stubborn to do anything about it.

Cat and Wulfe go from arguing and insults one minute to lust for each other the next. Wulfe has no idea that Cat's physical health is in danger. He also doesn't know that Cat is going through the oduunk, a condition all female Bellons have eventually if they have not born a child. Cat's being of mixed race/species didn't save her from the condition. She could actually die if she doesn't get pregnant. Cat, not wanting pity from her husband, refuses to let him know of her condition.

With all this going on, this book will keep you interested to the end. The question is: will Cat and Wulfe ever settle their differences? Which will win out in the end -- love or stubbornness? Who is the killer? Will the dying planet survive? You'll have to read the book.

I recommend the prequel to this book, HAWKE'S HAVEN, as well.

Carol Castellanos/April, 2000
Copyright 2000 for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 18, 2003


Cat Kincade has vowed never to come within a light year of her husband again. Until a dying world's plea to the Corps for help places her on the same team captained by Wulfe Kincade, her estranged mate, the man who has done his utmost to destroy her.

Wulfe Kincade can't believe Cat has the audacity to show up on his ship. He'd make a deal with the devil himself to be rid of the traitorous wench.

A killer--perhaps more than one--stalks the corridors of the huge starcruiser. Each death brings the killer closer to Cat, and Cat closer to the horrifying truth.

Only the re-ignited flame of their love and a perilous journey to find trust and the truth can save Cat, Wulfe, those they love, and the world they've pledged to save.

P.E.A.R.L. Award Nominated for PEARL AWARD 1999
WULFE'S WOMAN - Finalist: Best Futuristic


Wulfe's Woman
(4th Millennium Adventure Book 1)
by Cherie Singer

Hard Shell Word Factory
November 15, 1999
ISBN #1582005273
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