"Western Time Travel Adventure"

This time-travel adventure is for those who enjoy romance set in the American west.

Present Day - Colorado Rockies

Jackie Clarke had been longing for love for most of her life. She'd been orphaned while still a girl and raised by an undemonstrative great-aunt. Her failed teen marriage had probably been a desperate attempt to escape that life. It had not survived the grief that her miscarriage had brought to her and her young husband. Since then she'd kept herself busy and avoided entanglements. That is until a handsome and slick operator by the name of Blade Smith promised her everything her heart desired including love and marriage.

That was how she found herself alone in a cabin in the Rocky Mountains. She'd had awoken to an empty bed and a missing car. He'd even take her purse. Oh, she should have known better. After all what could you expect from a man named Blade. He'd been such a smooth talker, an artist. He'd talked her into allowing him to paint her in the nude and to dye her dark hair an appalling shade of red.

No time to sit and cry, it's a long way down the mountain without transportation. Jackie decides to leave immediately to take advantage of the daylight for as long as possible. It is not long before she is hopelessly confused. She chooses a direction, but does not recall any of the landmarks. By the time she realizes she is going the wrong way, a freak June snowstorm whips up, obliterating the path she'd taken. She decides it is best to continue the way she came.

As luck would have it,she happens upon an abandoned old western town. Some luck, most of the buildings are lacking either a roof or several walls. Only the saloon appears to still be whole. Whole but with no heat and no food she won't last long.

Just when she is about to despair she finds some canned food. Among her finds, is a script of sorts. She used some of the paper to start a fire for warmth. Curiosity had her reading the remainder. Jackie's luck takes a turn for the worse, as the fire gets out of hand and the building begins to burn. Her choices are impossible, either burn, or freeze to death. She tries to escape but falls near the bar beneath a portrait of a voluptuous naked woman, with hair as shockingly red as her own. The name on the portrait proclaimed her Lolita Belle, a clear indication of her profession. Surrounded by fire, Jackie notices the face of the portrait changing; it is now her own. Then her consciousness fades.

Devil's Gulch, Colorado 1841

Jackie comes to in the saloon, but it is whole and bustling with life. The portrait that hung near the bar is no longer in evidence. Though her attributes don't live up to the hype, her hair is enough for the saloon's owner to believe that she is the singer he'd been expecting. Lolita Belle had not been expected so early, but the owner wastes no time commission the portrait that will hang over the bar. Jackie isn't inclined to pose nude for a second time, but it is evident to her that she'd traveled through a portal back in time to an earlier era. Her memory of the changing face of the portrait before she succumbed, has her convinced that the portrait itself might be the portal that will send her back home.

Cole Morrison had spent the past five years digging fruitlessly in his mine, hoping to find the gold that would aid him in fulfilling his promise to his late wife. They'd left St. Louis, and a gentler way of life, after their marriage, in order to earn the funds that would gain them their dream, a ranch in Oregon. Feeling the dream of a better life for him and his son slipping through his fingers, he reluctantly accepts an offer from another saloonkeeper. He is offered a small fortune to kidnap and bring the legendary Lolita to the rival saloon. Cole didn't have a dishonest bone in his body, but he had his son to think of. The easiest course of action appears to be to intercept her at the artist's cabin. Unfortunately Jackie was only half dressed when he arrived.

Jackie finds herself on horseback topless, with only an itchy boa for cover. Cole delivers her to the saloon as promised but his part in the affair is far from over. Lolita's debut is not to be for three weeks and the owner offers Cole an additional sum to keep her under wraps until that time. Cole is at a loss as to what to do with his charge, but the money would ensure his dream. Jackie surprises him by offering to tutor his son. The child's education had suffered since his mother had died. The boy had taken to acting like a small adult in the past few years.

Jackie brought love and laughter back into Cole's home and in spite of her appearance and presumed profession; he is coming to care for her. Jackie's thoughts are still drifting to a way to return to Devil's Gulch and the painting that needs to be completed for her to return home. Still, she finds herself falling for the gentle man for whom her kidnapping was obviously and aberration.

Competition is fierce in the places where men congregate. The saloon owner who had original employed her is not about to let her go without a fight. Jackie may still have a chance to make it back to Devil's Gulch and the portrait, but is that what she really wants?

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 22, 2001


From award-winning author Deb Stover comes an enthralling time-travel romance that finds a modern woman in the throes of a wild west adventure...and in the arms of a dangerously sexy man.

Destiny Swept Her Back in Time... After a romantic mountain getaway ends in disaster, Jackie Clarke finds herself hiking back down to civilization alone. But a wrong turn soon lands her in a ghost town, where in one moment she's staring at a portrait of saloon singer Lolita Belle, and in the next she's transported back to the year 1891! Now everyone in Devil's Gulch, Colorado assumes Jackie is Lolita, including the ruggedly sexy man who's just kidnapped her!

...Could Love Keep Her There?

Cole Morrison has spent five long years digging in that damned hole he calls a mine, and he's still barely scraping by. So when a saloon-keeper offers him a small fortune to bring him the legendary Lolita Belle, he agrees to it. But what's supposed to be a business transaction soon turns into anything but when desire flares. Now Cole is left to wonder how a man forges a future with a temptress from another time.

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Time Travel), Historical Old West

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A Moment In Time
by Deb Stover

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
June 1, 2000
Available: June 1, 2000
ISBN #0821766201
EAN #9780821766200
318 pages
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