"A Superb Romance"

Ms. Brisbin brings the MacKendimen family saga to fitting conclusion in the second of her two-part series, which began with A LOVE THROUGH TIME. My criterion for a superb romance is one that makes you laugh, cry, and sigh. This novel met all three.

Dr. Douglas MacKendimen is in Scotland attending the yearly clan gathering. This has become something of a tradition. His parents, New Jersey natives, Maggie and Alex had met at one 30 years ealier. Douglas has been regaled for years with their tales of time travel, trough a magical stone arch. Ever practical, Douglas has always considered them fairy tales, suitable for bedtime stories.

Recently Douglas has begun to have two disturbing dreams, one frightening, the other erotic. Both involve a woman he has never met, but feels deeply attracted to. He has eschewed relationships with women, comparing each one to his fantasy woman. He is waiting for something, but knows not what.

The clan seer, and old family friend, Mairi, who had supposedly sent his parents on their own journey of discovery, professes to know the solution to his dilemma. Like his Alex, Douglas has defied the fates and now must answer to them. He scoffs, but finds himself before the magical arch. When he hears a woman's cry of distress, he dashes through. Douglas finds himself in another world, a time gone by. He acts without hesitation to save the young woman who is under attack, but is knocked unconscious in the process.

He awakens in the cottage of Moira and Pol. These two were instrumental in returning Douglas' parents to their own time. They accept who Douglas is because of his strong resemblance to Alex. The damsel in distress is their 17- year-old daughter, Caitlin. Caitlin too, has had the dreams. She is the clan healer, an herbalist, with the gift of healing hands. She can cure with a touch, but at great cost to herself. The price of her gift is that she must take on her patient's pain.

Douglas is awed by the care she gives to her patients, and the sacrifices she makes for them. He comes to realize that he has been sent back to relearn the compassion that was once a part of his vocation. He also knows that once the fates are satisfied, he must return home, leaving behind the woman he loves like no other. He and Caitlin decide to live for the moment and deal with the pain later. Will a few short weeks be enough to last them a lifetime? Though he'd been born in the future, Douglas was conceived in this time, out of Maggie and Alex's love for each other. Is it possible that this is where he belongs? Can the fates be defied by the power of love?

There is a surprise twist and I did find myself in tears at the end. But never, fear the tale ends HEA for this endearing couple. Highly recommended.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 22, 2001


Douglas MacKendimen was conceived during his parents' extraordinary adventures in 1350 Scotland. Now a successful physician, Douglas is called back ...

Caitlin, daughter of the MacKendimen clan's healer, has a special gift - she heals with her touch. She saves Douglas' life but her bigger challenge is facing his lack of faith in her gift and in her ...

Brought together and through time by Fate, Douglas and Caitlin face opposition and struggle as they fall in love. But, remember ... it's just a matter of time.


A Matter Of Time
(MacKendimen Family)
by Terri Brisbin

Jove (Time Passages)
November 1, 1999
ISBN #0515126837
EAN #9780515126839
304 pages
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