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On Travan, Eireen is stunned when her avaricious Uncle Vaden informs her that he bartered her as a virgin bride to the powerful Leors for a trade route. Though she knows as a female that she has no rights, she pleads with her uncle to reconsider especially since she possesses healing powers. He tells his niece that her virginity is worth more than her healing prowess, or else he would have sampled the goods. Eireen knows that her mind-seeing future spouse will quickly learn she is an Enhancer, a trait that will mean her demise.

Desperate to escape, Eireen must rid herself of her virginity so she enters the pleasure dome where she meets Shielder Jarek san Ranul, who is left dead by his foes. Jarek fully recovers and he realizes the virgin with him had to be an Enhancer using healing powers to save his life. He believes that Eireen could be the key to saving the Shielders from the genocide of the Controllers. However, he soon finds his responsibility as a leader conflicting with the needs of his heart to protect Eireen, the woman he loves.

With SHIELDER, SHADOWER, and now SHAMARA, Catherine Spangler has earned a high place among the elite of the science fiction romance sub-genre. The story line of her current tale is fast-paced, loaded with action that will please fans of both genres and adheres to the principles of the society that the author depicted in the previous novels. Eirene is a strong heroine while Jarek is trapped in a dilemma because he needs to endanger the woman he wants to keep safe leading to a superb story.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 22, 2001


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P.E.A.R.L. AwardWinner of the PEARL AWARD 2001 Honorable Mention - Best Futuristic


In a universe of darkness and depravity, the Shielders battled to stay one step ahead of the vengeful Controllers. Their survival depended upon the quest of one man.

To Live

Jarek san Ranul had found evidence of a wormhole, a vortex to another galaxy; escape from those who sought the destruction of his race was at hand. But when his search produced the most intriguing woman hed ever met, he found he wanted something more than duty and honor.

To Love

On the run from a mighty warlord, Eirene Kane had to protect her identity. She was an Enhancer, one of a genetic few with a powerful gift. Then her flight hurled her into the arms of Jarek, a man who both stole her heart and uncovered her perilous secret and though she knew she should flee, Eirene found herself yearning for both the man and the one thing he claimed would free them forever.


(Shielder series: Book 3)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
September 1, 2001
ISBN #050552452X
EAN #9780505524522
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