"An All Together Different Paranormal - Good Read!"

Cain was an incubus. His job was the devil's work: he seduced women, giving them great pleasure, then stole their souls.

Sophie Alexander, a chemist for a cosmetics company, hopes that her new youth cream might have more benefits than just making women look younger - - it also has the potential for regenerating cells and providing the cure for her godchild, Kara, who has cancer.

Sophie is Cain's next target. He appears at her lab, and reminds her of the deal she made the night before - - discovery of the exact chemical cure for Kara in exchange for Sophie's soul. Sophie had thought it all a dream. But if Cain could deliver on his promise, all would be worth it, because Kara would live.

Cain is sure he can help Sophie and then her soul would be forfeit, but he hadn't counted on falling in love with her. He also hadn't counted on another, outside danger threatening Sophie. Someone doesn't want Sophie to succeed in finding the cure. Cain will literally go through hell to save the love of his life.

A Stranger's Desire is a good read. The ending is sure to please the lover of romance, and the use of an incubus makes this an altogether different paranormal.

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Reviewed by Moni Draper
Posted February 15, 2003


Slain long before in a moment of despair, Cain was collected by the Evil One and forced into servitude. He became a demon with one purpose: to stalk the night, stripping away women's fears and tasting their desire. In their moment of ecstasy, he takes their souls. He's done so a thousand times and felt nothing. This time will be no different. But when he slips into Sophie Alexander's dreams, she evades his pursuit. In her kiss, there is sweet redemption. Love is no longer the trap he'd believed it to beÑand his lust is no longer a weapon but a tool. With it he will break his bonds, and together he and Sophie will overcome the evil that imprisons them and create a whole new world.


A Stranger's Desire
by Kimberly Raye

Love Spell
January 1, 2003
Available: January 6, 2003
ISBN #0505525046
EAN #9780505525048
368 pages
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