"An enchanting romance"

While Conor MacCloud and his brother Rowan fought in the Crusades, their Uncle Simon seized their land and castle in Inverness, Scotland. When Conor returns from his escapades in the Mediterranean, which includes a stay in an Egyptian prison, he fights to regain that which is rightfully his, but his noble army loses to Simon's superior forces. The healer Magdah persuades Conor to find the Peacekeeper. He agrees and she chants in a strange language that sends him in search of a legend.

To his shock and bewilderment, Conor finds himself in twenty-first century Seattle. He persuades Eilan Dougan, an empath, that she is the Peacekeeper and his people need her on a quest through time and space. Though some welcome her in fourteenth century Scotland as a savior, others demand her death as a witch. Eilan's only hope to survive this strange world is her guide, Conor, a man she now loves with all her heart. He reciprocates her feelings and just wants to keep her safe rather than subject her to danger as called by her mission.

Pam Binder writes a spellbinding magical romance that combines elements from a time travel tale with that of the paranormal and the historical into an entertaining reading experience. The story line of THE ENCHANTMENT is action- packed and filled with romance and danger. Conor is a hero, but the tale belongs to Eilan even if she adapts to easily to a much less technological era. Ms. Binder is an enchantress whose tales inscribe a taste of magic that will send her audience in a quest to read all her novels.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted August 21, 2001


2002 PRISM AWARD Finalist:
1st place - TIME TRAVEL

Conor McCloud returns from the Crusades to discover his cousin has taken possession of Inverness, the McCloud castle. Fighting back to reclaim his family home, Conor makes a promise to a dying friend: seek out the woman whom a witch said could heal the land...a woman from another time and place.

Eilan Dougan has taken leave from her Colorado river rafting business to help sell her parents' Seattle antique shop. Her uncanny ability to sense others' thoughts has always set her apart-and when a dark Highlander appears and begs her help, she can't refuse. But fourteenth-century Scotland is no place for a woman with Eilan's powers. Now instead of Eilan saving Conor, Conor must rescue Eilan from charges of witchcraft-and decide whether love can withstand the ultimate test of time.


The Enchantment
by Pam Binder

Pocket Books
August 1, 2001
ISBN #0743417941
EAN #9780743417945
384 pages
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