"A delightful tale"

The Wasting Disease took away her father so since she alone in he world, Marela is happy to cross the Scar with her adopted uncle Shap and other travelers. However, one morning she awakens to find that she is alone with not one iota of proof that anyone ventured there with her.

Marela feels fortunate to eventually escape the Scar, but exits near Grendelire Keep, where the wizard AErin resides by himself during the cold winter. He takes her in and she feels gratitude towards the elderly wizard. As she begins to fall in love with her kind host, Marela realizes he is more her age. He loves her too so they marry and she accompanies him on his annual pilgrimage to see his friends even while they try to learn the fate of Shap and his party. However, besides other dangers, an evil foe abducts Marela; AErin willingly risks his life to insure she is safe.

THE WIZARD'S WIFE is an endearing fantasy romance in which the reader will want the lead protagonists to fall in love with one another. Marela is a delightful heroine; shy yet talented, until love turns her into a butterfly. AErin may be a wizard but in many ways he acts more like an applied researcher treating wizardry more like a branch of physics. Even with plenty of action and adventure, the key to this warm tale is his euphoria when he performs a magic trick that provides joy to his beloved. Simplistic yet cherished is Becky Gauger's fine tale.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 1, 2003


AErin of Grendelire has wed. The problem is his bride has been kidnapped. Not a good idea. You just don't kidnap the wizard's wife! So, armed with his knowledge of science, and a flair for the dramatic, not to mention a roc, a few wizards, a dragonslayer, and an army or two...

Well, would you want to be the bad guy?

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The Wizard's Wife
by Becky Gauger

1stBooks Library
May 1, 2002
ISBN #0759644381
384 pages
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