"Multifaceted Time Travel Debut"

A severe storm separates Lt. Carly Callahan from her squadron, The Jolly Rogers, while attempting to land on the an aircraft carrier. Engine failure forces her to eject. Struggling in the turbulent sea, Carly notices two wooden antique battle ships engage each other. Believing it to be a reenactment or a scene from a movie, Carly cries for help.

She is rescued by Sir Andrew Spence, who is also under false illusions. The year is 1821. Andrew has just sunk the ship carrying the fiancé of the Duke of Westbridge, the man who had been responsible for the deaths of his family. Andrew had sworn revenge. He had planned to kidnap the man's bride for ransom. Though forced to a life of piracy, Andrew was a good man at heart and had no wish to have the death of another innocent on his soul.

Though Carly is older and much fairer than he'd thought Amanda Paxton to be, he cannot swallow the story Carly wishes him to believe. For her part Carly cannot believe she's traveled back through time. However the evidence is rapidly stacking up.

Attraction flares between them, but not even to avenge his family will he dishonor another man's bride. Andrew begins to have terrifying recurring dreams in which Carly is once more drowning, but he is unable to save her. What is odd is that he always sees a working version of a flying machine that only exists on paper in his time. What does it all mean? Will Carly be able to convince Andrew of her true identity before she is given up to the dreadful duke? Will Andrew ever be able to admit his love for her? Will she even be able to stay with him in this time?

There are so many wonderful aspects of this book. Carly and Andrew are kindred spirits. Both have experienced abandonment, loneliness, betrayal, and grief. You just want to cry for them. Yet the tale is fraught with humor as the two dance around each other. By some miracle they remain unspoiled by their experiences. They are both strong, caring, and kind, with a great capacity for love. The sexual tension is delicious, a nice balance of passion and romance. And lets not forget the irony and symbolism throughout that makes the ending believable.

The final plot twist was completely unexpected. It is impossible to fathom how such a thing could occur, nevertheless it leaves the reader filled with wonder and utterly satisfied. It is perhaps one of the sweetest and most richly deserved happily ever afters I have read many years.

Copyright © 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 21, 2001


A modern woman
A 19th century rogue
A love transcending time itself

Hurled back in time when her jet crashes, fighter pilot Carly Callahan is rescued by handsome and aristocratic pirate Sir Andrew Spencer -- only to discover she's the loot in a long and bitter feud. When the baffling familiarity they share flares into passion, Carly finds that the only treasure in jeopardy is her heart.

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Once a Pirate
by Susan Grant

Love Spell
February 1, 2000
Available: February 1, 2000
ISBN #0505523647
EAN #9780505523648
320 pages
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