"Another Glorious Tale of Interstellar Romance"

Rom B'kah, the exiled Vash prince, had proven himself a hero. Heroism had taken its toll. Radiation poisoning had left him sterile, but he had won the one woman he loved more than life itself, Jas Hamilton. Rom had immediately taken her teenaged twins into his heart, loving them as his own, a sentiment Ian and Ilana found easy to reciprocate.

Seven years have passed. Rom, now king of the powerful Vash Nadah Trade Federation, had shocked the Vash nobility to its core by naming his stepson, Ian, as heir to his throne, over the many qualified royal Vash princes queuing up for the honor.

Ian had been disillusioned at an early age by his own father's lack of honor and fidelity. He had worked hard to make himself the kind of man his father could never be, a man like his stepfather, Rom. Mindful of the honor he'd been bestowed, Ian had spent the better part of the past seven years, becoming in spirit what he lacked in bloodlines, the perfect Vash prince. He'd even accepted that his wife would be chosen for him from among the dutiful Vash princesses. He would be the instrument that would bind the center of the Vash Federation to the vast frontier that included his home world, Earth. He would prove himself worthy.

His acceptance had been all but assured when the sentiment of his home world had turned against remaining part of the intergalactic Trade Federation. Spearheaded by U.S. Senator Randall, the 'Earth First' campaign called for sovereignty. When the Senator unexpectedly took to space on a tour of the frontier worlds, Ian, already in the frontier, decided to embark on a covert mission to discover the Senator?s motives and circumvent Earth's secession. This was something he needed to do himself, without aid from his influential stepfather, if he was to win back Vash confidence. There was just one problem!

In less than a month in the frontier, Ian and his crew had had enough ship malfunctions and pilot problems to suspect interference with their mission. Now his latest pilot seems to have drunk himself to death, and Ian needs another, fast, if he is to catch up with the Senator.

Tee'ah Dar, Rom's niece, had been raised in the traditional seclusion befitting a Vash Princess. She'd been perfectly prepared, and promised to a perfectly Vash prince, whom she hadn?t seen since they were children. She was perfectly bored. Taking her independent Earth born aunt, Jas, as a role model, Tee'ah is woefully outspoken, loves politics, and her latest escapade, secretly earning starpilot wings, has gotten her into hot water once more. With the inevitable betrothal taking place in a matter of days, Tee?ah takes advantage of an incoming storm. Stealing a ship, she makes a desperate bid for permanent freedom.

Ian and Tee'ah meet, coincidentally, in a bar on Donovan?s Blunder, a most seamy port on the frontier?s trade route. With time to kill while her stolen ship is being cloaked, Tee'ah decides to wait there. She is intrigued by the handsome, if somewhat disheartened, Earth dweller. Tee?ah has a fascination with everything of Earth. To her the Earth dwellers epitomize all that she that she has ever wanted to be.

Not sure whom he can trust, the prince introduces himself as Ian Stone. She is simply Tee. While they chat, Dar security arrives leaving her with no ship and a desperate need to be anywhere else. The handsome Earth dweller is desperately in need of a pilot. His loss is her gain and vice versa.

Though dubious of her qualifications as a flyer, Ian is quite taken with the little sprite. Tee'ah finds herself hired in spite of Ian's misgivings. Following the Senator, they are appalled at the deplorable conditions on Bare'sh and other Frontier worlds. Ian vows to be a force for change, but wonders who is tipping off the Senator. Could this mysterious informant have anything to do with their continuing mishaps?

It isn't long Tee'ah discerns Ian's true identity. Although his discovery of her own would be disastrous, her admiration as well as her love for Ian has grown daily. She knows that she is not the proper woman for this man so suited to be king, but she is determined to taste of his passion for what little time they have together.

Ian's carefully cultivated restraint is truly strained by Tee, but duty and honor holds him back. Just when he's beginning to wonder if the needs of the many are truly more important than one man?s desire, their families finally catch up with them.

Tee'ah, having tasted freedom, has no wish to return to her former life, but what of Ian? What would a proper Vash crown prince do? He has the utmost respect and love for Rom, however he has learned a great deal from the women in his life of late. If Jas and Tee'ah had taught him anything, it was "To thine own self be true". Could her bear an arranged marriage to a proper Vash princess, when he was already in love with a wonderfully unconventional one? Hadn't the revered Star King chosen his own wife, a woman very much like his Tee? Would he just stand by and let the "experts" decide the fate of his home world? Perhaps it was time to take a page from his feisty twin's book. Hadn't Ilana said that when reason fails, sometimes you just have to kick some butt? Well there's a first time for everything!

TSP is a rare novel of self discovery for both its hero and the heroine. Ian and Tee'ah take daring risks to prove to the world that they can handle life, love, and responsibility, on their own terms. Ms. Grant has proved once again that some risks are worth taking.

Readers will be pleased to know that unlikely romances abound within the Federation. Gann may just have discovered the woman of his dreams; Ilana's quirky assistant has her eye on the mega-stud, Muffin; and if he has his own way, Tee'ah's discarded Vash fiancé may also know the joy of loving a Hamilton twin. But that is a story for another day.

Copyright © 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 21, 2001


Ian Hamilton considered himself a typical guy, a finance major who found all the excitement he needed in the stock market and his vintage Harley. Then his stepfather offered him the crown to an empire and the reins of a mission critical to world peace. What could he do but go for the ride?

In a daring bid for freedon, Princess Tee'ah fled the world she knew for the freedom to fly. No more princes, no more rules. Both the man she wed and the life she led would be of her own choosing. But when a handsome stranger offered her a job piloting the Sun Devil, she choose the romp of a lifetime -- with the one man she should have avoided at all costs.

From ocean-dark skies to the neon-drenched streets of L.A., Tee'ah and Ian find that true adventure is learning some rules are made to be broken...and some loves are written in the stars.

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The Star Prince
(Star: Book 2)
by Susan Grant

Love Spell
November 1, 2001
Available: November 1, 2001
ISBN #0505524570
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