"Spirit, Drama, Humor, and Passion - A Must Read!"

Anyone who says, "You can't please everyone," has yet to read SHAMARA, by award winning author Catherine Spangler. Fantastic! A futuristic romance that will make the reader, laugh, cry, and sigh, SHAMARA has all the ear markings of a keeper.

The story takes place six years after SHADOWER.

Shamara, the Shen word for sanctuary - Eirene Kane and Jarek san Ranul both sought it, for different reasons.

Eirene needed to lose her virginity fast! Her fate had been decided by her avaricious uncle, Vaden. He was within his rights to trade her to the Leor commander, a virgin bride for a trade route. The women of Travan had no rights. They served two purposes, breeding or to be traded for goods and services. Yet she had hoped that her healing skills would prove more valuable.

Unbeknownst to her uncle, Eirene possessed powers that would make her more valuable still. The Leor's ability to probe minds would soon reveal that she was an Enhancer, a race thought to be extinct for 200 seasons. Discovery would make her life a living hell.

Using her gift on her uncle to cause a momentary distraction, Eirene grabs two jeweled daggers and flees to the women's compound. Panic fills her when she hears a ship landing, but relief replaces it when she notices the woman captain. She had found her way off the planet. She would eventually make her way to Elysia to pursue her dream of becoming a healer, but she would take the earliest opportunity to lose her virginity, and negate her uncle's agreement with the Leors.

The weight of the world, the fate of his people, rested on the shoulders of Jarek san Ranul. For the past fourteen seasons, the Shielder reconnaissance scout had watched the Shielders be decimated by the Controllers, for the crime of being genetically resistant to their mind control techniques.

With his father's passing Jarek had become next in line to become the head Council for the Liron colony, but to what purpose? The Shielders were on the brink of extinction. He had conceived a desperate plan. Some instinct, and the tales he had heard of the Enhancers, had convinced him that within the black hole in the twelfth sector might lay a wormhole that would serve as a hyperspace portal to another galaxy. Shamara would lie on the other side. His plan was dependant on finding rare special equipment, which could analyze electromagnetic distortions. It would be costly. To top it off the controllers had put a price on his head, alive or dead!

A lonely evening of despair stretched ahead for the grief stricken commander. For this reason he had decided, just once, to seek solace in the arms of a courtesan. He had nothing to offer a woman in terms of a commitment, so he had allowed his friend to steer him to the Pleasure Dome, a first for Jarek.

Within the Pleasure Dome on Saron, an extremely tense Eirene is being prepped for her first customer by Lani, a flighty blue haired and feathered professional. She awaits her first customer, a humanoid named Jarek, who has paid for the entire night.

Although she had hoped she would be able to enhance the man's lust, in order to rid herself of her troublesome virginity quickly, she is unable to read him at all. In fact he is nervous himself, apparently able to sense the energy she is projecting. There is nothing for it but to suffer through.

Jarek is unexpectedly courteous and gentle toward her, still her nature magnifies her pain to become excruciating. Jarek recoils in shock. Before he can deal with the situation a masked intruder bursts in and gravely wounds Jarek. Jarek gets off a fatal shot before succumbing to his injuries. Not knowing whether the intruder was after her or him, Eirene refuses to let the heroic Jarek die. Unsure whether her unruly powers will heal or kill him, she decides to take a risk, an act that seals her fate.

Finding himself alive, and miraculously healed as well, Jarek is convinced that Eirene must be an Enhancer. As luck would have it, his smuggler friend has also informed him that the equipment he seeks is in the hands of the Shens, and is reported to have been owned and operated by Enhancers. Jarek believes fate has brought him and Eirene together. He believes she is necessary to the implementing of his plan.

They meet again on Elysia. Eirene is seeking an audience with Darya the healer. Her dream is not to be. Jarek regrets taking her against her will, but despite her protests he believes she is the only person who can help him find the vortex through which he could lead his people to freedom.

The pair are pursued by an irate uncle, a jilted bridegroom, and a greedy bounty hunter with revenge on his mind, but in spite of the fact that Jarek realizes that a relationship in not in the cards for him, he is willing to sacrifice his life to save Eirene. Assailed by doubts about her power, about the captor she is coming to love, can Eirene overcome them in time to save the Shielders? At what cost?

Those familiar with Ms. Spangler's previous novels, SHIELDER, and SHADOWER, will be delighted with the latest installment in the Shielder saga. Those who are new to their world will no doubt be scrambling to read them.

Alternately dramatic, humorous, spiritual, and passionate, SHAMARA has it all: a desperate cause, a strong, honorable hero and a compassionate, and powerful heroine, a cast of side characters which range from wicked to hilarious, even a baby and a furry, four-eyed pet. What more could you ask for? Ms. Spangler's writing touches the soul, and makes the readers care about the fate of her characters.

Speaking of which, what happened to the jilted bridegroom? Lets just say that he got waylaid . The battle of wits between the stern, strapping, and celibate Leor, and a certain feisty, blue haired and feathered, courtesan absolutely tickled my funny bone. It was almost story in itself!

Hoping for more? You're in luck! I have it on good authority that a story for the smuggler commander, Celie Cameron, is currently on the drawing board. This reader is hoping for many, many more. Catherine Spangler's star is definitely on the rise! I cannnot recommend SHAMARA highly enough. A Read you mustn't miss!

Wondering about SHAMARA's shocking pink cover text? Learn the Significance of Pink in:
a gift to readers from Catherine.

Copyright 2001

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 21, 2001


Think Pink!

P.E.A.R.L. AwardWinner of the PEARL AWARD 2001 Honorable Mention - Best Futuristic


In a universe of darkness and depravity, the Shielders battled to stay one step ahead of the vengeful Controllers. Their survival depended upon the quest of one man.

To Live

Jarek san Ranul had found evidence of a wormhole, a vortex to another galaxy; escape from those who sought the destruction of his race was at hand. But when his search produced the most intriguing woman hed ever met, he found he wanted something more than duty and honor.

To Love

On the run from a mighty warlord, Eirene Kane had to protect her identity. She was an Enhancer, one of a genetic few with a powerful gift. Then her flight hurled her into the arms of Jarek, a man who both stole her heart and uncovered her perilous secret and though she knew she should flee, Eirene found herself yearning for both the man and the one thing he claimed would free them forever.


(Shielder series: Book 3)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
September 1, 2001
ISBN #050552452X
EAN #9780505524522
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