"Stunning Shielder Series Sequel!"

SHADOWER is the long awaited sequel to Ms. Spangler's highly acclaimed debut novel SHIELDER (Love Spell, April 1999). Actually though it is her second book, it is really a prequel, the story of Chase McKnight's partner, Sabin Travers, and his beloved Moriah who appears as a mated couple in SHIELDER.

Though some might think him a traitor, Shielder Sabin Travers had become a Shadower to aid his people. As a Shielder. he is resistant to the mind indoctrination of the Controllers, and therefore pursues only those whom he chooses - the truly heinous criminals with no redeeming qualities. His bounty, aside for a bit he's saved to purchase a more modern ship, is given to his people.

Sabin had been a child of a mere six seasons when his entire colony had been destroyed by Anteks, the dimwitted minions of the Controllers. He had lost everyone he loved and vowed never to give his heart to another again. He could not bear that pain.

Just weeks short of acquiring his new ship, his decrepit junker breaks down on Risa, a planet which draws the most degenerate beings in the quadrant. He finds himself in Giza's, enjoying several drinks while his ship undergoes repair. It is there that he first lays eyes on Moriah Cameron who unbeknownst to him is one of the top smugglers in the quadrant. Though not usually altruistic, Sabin realizes that a beautiful and innocent woman such as Moriah would be prey to every sicko on the planet. When he offers to escort her away, her response insults his manhood.

Moriah is on a mission of great importance to her small colony of women. Her ship has been stolen and she has come to Giza's in hopes of winning enough at games of chance to purchase transportation. Though she is successful, an altercation ensues as her disgruntled victims don't take kindly to being bested by a woman.

Sabin is reluctant to offer aid yet again, but when the odds become too great for Moriah to manage, he removes her unconscious form to his ship.

Moriah is surprisingly ungrateful. She has reason to distrust men and Shadowers in particular. Her own father had been a drunk who had sold his two young daughters in slavery to pay a debt. His fellow Shadower had stolen Moriah's innocence when she had barely begun to blossom. It had taken her years to escape with her young sister - years of mentally distancing herself from her plight. She had formed a colony of nine women of varied race, who had also suffered abuse at the hands of men. The smuggling operation is their means of survival and the stolen ship has put her current deal at risk. Her employer is not someone she wishes to cross.

Moriah escapes Sabin, but later in desperation she stows away aboard his ship, hiding out until it is underway. Unfortunately his destination is one of the Shielder colonies he is aiding. As the Shielders are the target of a Controller extermination plan, her knowledge of the colony's location would sign her death warrant. She must make a desperate decision.

Though Sabin is angered when he discovers her, he is also very attracted to Moriah. Though she had hoped never to be touched by another man, Moriah attempts seduction, waiting for the moment she can place a drug patch on his skin and escape. Successful, she dumps him in a pleasure dome and absconds with his ship. Naturally Sabin takes this betrayal personally. He won't stop till he teaches Moriah a lesson she'll never forget. But can he forget the way she felt in his arms? Can he bear to take another into his broken heart? Can she truly forsake the one man who has shown her true kindness.

Another wonderful story by Ms. Spangler. Once again her characters triumph over the nasty hand dealt to them, overcoming hatred, loss, and abuse to find love. I highly recommend this tale. Note: Though I like to read stories in chronological order rather than as published, in this case it truly isn't important. Both SHIELDER and SHADOWER are complete in themselves, and though its nice to see the recurring characters, their backgrounds don't take away from the story if you aren't familiar with them. I hope that Ms. Spangler has plans to continue with this saga, perhaps with a story for Jarek, Sabin's friend and Nessa's brother, who really deserves one of his own. I also believe that these books will contribute positively to the renewed interest the publishers are showing in futuristic romances.

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted August 20, 2001


Sabin has been in every hellhole in the galaxy. In his line of work, hives of scum and villainy are nothing to fear. But Giza's is different, and the bronze-haired beauty at the bar is something special. Not only can she sweep a man off his feet, she can break his legs--and steal his heart. And though Moriah isn't what Sabin had come for, she is suddenly all he desires.The man is a menace, what with his dark good looks and overwhelming masculinity. Worse, Sabin is a shadower, a bounty hunter, which means he is only one step removed from the law. He is dangerous to a smuggler like Moriah, to her freedom. Yet he draws her as a moth to a flame, and even as she pledges to stay cool, her senses catch fire. Then, in his arms, Moriah realizes that this bounty hunter is different. His touch is gentle, and his kiss sweet. And his love leads to a fantastic freedom she's never known.


(Shielder series: Book 2)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
December 1, 2000
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505524244
EAN #9780505524249
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