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On the world of Gaea on the island of Atlaua, the human race worshipped the S'hazons as if they were gods instead of beings of energy who left their bodies behind as they climbed up the evolutionary ladder. Now Gaea is in danger because a comet is due to hit the planet in five years and the S'hazons and those with strong khi power have left the planet and traveled to a different Gaea in the multiverse where the comet will not hit.

These energy beings wanted Elinna Serru to come with them for her khi power is very strong but she turned down their offer. She hopes to find a way of harnessing her power to save Gaea but with the departure of the S'hazons, the people are divided as two religions compete for the hearts of the people. Elinna realizes after years of study that she must somehow find a way to unite the different factions and work together to stop the comet from destroying their world.

DAYSPRING DESTINY, the sequel to DAYSPRING DAWNING, is a very imaginative, colorful, and inspiring work of speculative fiction starring a heroine who is a cross between the oracle, Cassandra and Wonder Woman. The story line enthralls the reader so that they will want to keep this novel that seems to have classic written all over it. Jeanine Berry is a gifted storyteller who creates a world so realistic one would think she lived there.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted January 15, 2003


Dayspring Destiny is the sequel to Dayspring Dawning. On an alternate earth called Gaea, Elinna Serru will face new tests of her mastery of the Power.

For thousands of years the fate of humankind has been mysteriously interwined with the demiurges that have ruled over the island kingdom of Atlaua -- first the Sky Gods, then the S'hazons. But these demigods have their own secrets, hidden ages ago in the Heart Stone.

Many adepts have attempted to read the Heart Stone in the past. But all have failed. Now Elinna Serru must wrest the truth from its crystal depths, for the fate of the House depends on the knowledge it conceals.

Gaea's children are split between two worlds, and both worlds may be doomed unless someone can bridge the gap and reunite humanity. Will the Heart Stone show the way? In Dayspring Destiny, Elinna Serru will face her greatest test, a test not of the Power but of her heart and soul.

Dayspring Destiny will be released in e-book and paperback in December of 2002 at

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Dayspring Destiny
by Jeanine Berry

Double Dragon
April 1, 2004
ISBN #1554041236
EAN #9781554041237
294 pages
e-Book (reprint)
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