"extremely interesting and informative, clear and humorous presentation"

Sheila Peters gives a beginners' guide to investing interspersed with humorous accounts of her growing up and how she got involved in investing. She talks about the glass ceiling that many women encounter when they start to enter the "man's world" of work and investments. She illustrates this by describing the double standard she had growing up where the boys earned money mowing lawns and she was allowed to earn money selling lemonade and acting lady like. Ms. Peters continues explaining how money equates to power. Women need to become better educated by reading books, talking to friends, attending workshops, seminars and lectures. Women are hampered by a lack of knowledge about stocks and bonds and that is why we don't invest as much as men.

Now I know why one should read the Prospectus about a company (no matter how boring)! I learned about the different kinds of funds and how diversification is a good thing. I admit I will have to reread some parts that I didn't quite understand. Joining an investment club sounds interesting and a good way to get a start in the investing arena. There were some graphs in the book illustrating how you are supposed to chart different types of growth but the graphs were hard to read. I don't know if that was the PDF format and it would be clearer in paperback format.

This book was extremely interesting and very informative. Sheila has definitely encouraged me to take a greater interest in my portfolio (Does that sound pretentious?) and to ask more questions. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is interested in getting started in investing.

Sophie Murphy Copyright 2003

Reviewed by Sophie Murphy
Posted January 14, 2003


A Humorous Survival Guide for the Reluctant Investor

Table of Contents
Money & Women
Money & Love
Money & Power
Risk & Reward
Buying Mutual Funds
Buying Stocks
Researching on the Internet
Hiring Financial Professionals
Giving Back
Resources, Websites, etc


You Don't Have To Be A Bag Lady
by Sheila Peters

1stBooks Library
April 30, 2002
ISBN #0759687188
120 pages
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