"Boy Oh Boy"

When I was asked to preview this book, I jumped at the chance. I've heard nothing but good things about her first book, ONCE A PIRATE, and looked forward to her next one. That Mrs. Grant is/was a pilot is easy to see with her lingo down pat; hat she's a REALLY good author is as easy to see!

Jasmine Boswell is a retired fighter pilot and mother of two college aged children -- certainly not your normal young, virginal heroine! Nineteen years before, when she was almost shot down by friendly fire, she had a vision of a man whose life she saved and whose soul she forever touched. Stars in her eyes after that encounter, she marries the first man she sees but learns much too late how tragically wrong that was. No longer believing in dreams, and thinking she is a failure as a woman, she expresses her passion on an artist's canvas.

Romlijhian B'kah, or just Rom, was rejected by his highborn family right after his vision-meeting with Jasmine. The vision prompts him to personally finish off an evil man, Sharron, but in doing so he was banished from his home world, which abhorred violence. He made it his life's goal to shuck off the rigidity of his upbringing, taking on the role of a smuggler, but underneath it all he felt a burning shame that he couldn't protect his brother and those whom Sharron had destroyed.

The action begins with one of my favorite plot devices: Earth finding out it's not alone. Jasmine, for years, has had recurring dreams about this man with golden eyes. When she sees him on the television, being introduced to Earth by astronauts, she sees this as her way to have some adventure in her life by going with this handsome alien. She is certain he is the man from her dreams, and that this will get her access onto his ship, the Quillie, but she's lost her blind faith in dreams and magic and just can't say such an impossibility is for certain.

There was a lot of oscillating between the hero and heroine as each struggled to come to grips with his or her feelings, but I was happily surprised that no Big Misunderstanding or fight caused them to grow apart at any time. Each realized they were in love early on, and once they realized that they never gave up on one another. Rom, although he loved Jasmine, was afraid she would abandon him like his family and friends did all those years ago so held her at arms length a bit, but it didn't take him long to see the error of his ways. Rom was a charming hero; he was definitely hardheaded, but Jasmine kept him in line. For herself, Jasmine was finally breaking out of her comfort zone, being the one everyone leaned on on Earth and having adventures for herself since she quit flying planes. And yes, there is the prerequisite bad guy, the leader of a cult that wants to overthrow the ruling class and bring back banned weapons.

I really liked this story! One thing that kind of pulled at me was that at several points in the story the action was summarized instead of played out, but of course that would have probably added another 100 pages to the story, which the publishers try to avoid. Another thing that bothered me were the small inconsistencies or unwrapped up things; to say them would give away some of the plot, so I won't, but these were easily surpassed by the story. I recommend this to anyone who likes futuristics, or those who simply like space stories as this could happen in our world tomorrow! I hope to see more from this author soon, that's for sure, and will be going out to get her earlier book ONCE A PIRATE

Sarah Pearson / July 2000
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Posted May 2, 2001


Haunted by a magical encounter in the desert after her jet was shot down, ex-fighter pilot Jas Hamilton is determined to discover why dreams of the mysterious golden-eyed man have derailed her life. When the two find each other after twenty years, they rekindle a passionate attraction.

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