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Patrice Michelle

Insurrection Excerpt

Unedited excerpt from SCIONS:INSURRECTION by Patrice Michelle Copyright (c) 2008 by Patrice Michelle. All Rights Reserved.

Iím being hunted.

Nearly imperceptible vibrations rumbled underneath Landonís bare feet as he lifted the ax.

Cool fall wind whipped through the forest, drying the sweat that coated his naked chest and soaked the top of his jeans.

He scrunched his toes in the damp underbrush, feeling, sensing the pulse of the predator. The tiny hairs on the back of his neck and along his arms stood on end as his senses went into overdrive. Without turning, he sniffed the current in the air and waited for his sense of smell to catch up with his supercharged hearing and heightened tactile abilities. Filtering out the strong scent of oak, pine, decomposing leaves and earth surrounding him, he honed in on new scents and listened for movement.

Behind him. Six oíclock. Coming in fast. Landon pinpointed his hunterís stealthy approach.

His biceps flexed and he swung the sharp tool. The ax split the wood with ease, and twin pieces fell onto the stack of wood piled around the stump. With unhurried movements, he replaced the splintered wood with another log and lifted the ax once more.

The predator was closer. Seventy feet away and closing. Fifty feet. Close enough that he caught a whiff of its sweat.

Landonís lips curved in a predatory smile. He brought the ax around in a sharp arc at the same time he twisted his spine.

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