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Cyndi Friberg

Gareth Excerpt

Gareth pulled the supple body of the young woman into the bend of his own. Mortals responded to death in different ways. Some wept. Some screamed, bemoaning the injustice of all they had failed to accomplish; and some -- like this woman -- wanted one last taste of what they were leaving behind. He pushed her hair aside, fastening his mouth onto her neck, sucking firmly, while he caressed her soft skin. They lay on their sides in the fragrant grass, sunlight warming their naked bodies. Spooning, he'd heard this called. Such a silly name for something so erotic.

And eroticism was Gareth's life, his sustenance, his purpose for existence.

She squirmed restlessly, her nicely rounded bottom teasing his aching erection. He cupped her breast, enjoying the contour and firm resilience. Her nipple peaked as he rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. She arched into his caress, increasing the pressure against his palm and grinding her buttocks against him.

“Please, you're driving me crazy.”

She panted out the words and Gareth smiled. Mission accomplished. Slipping his fingers beneath her knee, he raised her leg, pushing it up and toward her chest. His shaft had no trouble finding her entrance. Her hot, liquid response eased the way. He loved sinking into a woman slowly, allowing her to feel his thickness and length as he stretched the walls of her sheath. The woman in front of him trembled, moaning loudly once he impaled her completely.

He hooked her ankle over his thigh, keeping her open as he stroked the silken plane of her belly. Her feminine curls were damp, praise to his skill and caring. He explored her tender folds, amazed at how tightly she stretched to take him.

“I want to feel your pleasure. Don't move. Just let me touch you.” He whispered the words into her ear and searched until his fingers found her swollen nub. Oh, yes. How he loved this incredible little gift from Aphrodite. His job would be so much more difficult without it. He circled her gently, knowing she didn't need much stimulation to lose control.

He rocked forward while increasing the pressure of his fingers. Her core rippled, squeezing him tightly and she shook in his arms.

“Very nice. Can you do it again?”

“I could do this forever.” She laughed. “You're amazing.”

He was still hard and throbbing within her, so he didn't remind her that this was a one-time only offer. As soon as Rhadamanthys officially admitted her to the Elysian Fields, her libido would dissipate. She'd be at peace, content, happy, but never…horny. Poor thing.


Someone spoke his name from behind him, but he ignored it. He started moving in the woman, reveling in the sweet friction of her clinging sheath.

“Gareth. You have to come now.”

“I'm working on it,” he snapped, thrusting faster.

“We have an emergency. Morpheus sent me to find you.”

“I'm a little busy right now!”

“Just hurry up. The team is assembling.”

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