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Marilyn Lee

Revelations Excerpt

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Sue studied her reflection in the full-length mirror in her hotel room. She hardly recognized the woman staring back at her. Since her arrival on Earth five years earlier, she had dressed as befitted an uncoupled woman-child. Now, in place of the shapeless, colorless calf-length skirt and high-collared blouse she had worn before her coming-of-age coupling, she wore a blue sheer silk blouse with a plunging neckline. Her skirt was tight and short, barely covering her round and, if she said so herself, shapely ass. The long dark tresses she had kept ruthlessly pulled into a tight bun for so long now joyously fell around her bare shoulders. Her breasts, barely covered by a frilly lace bra, strained against her blouse.

She looked like what her friends at work called a “woman on the prowl.” Like such a creature, she intended to spend the rest of her time on Earth with a tickler stuffed in her pussy and her trusty dildo buried to the hilt in some fine hunk’s tender ass. For a moment, she wondered what it would be like to feel a real cock, instead of an Earth dildo in her pussy. She shook her head. No. She mustn’t dwell on such forbidden delights.

What a shame Telmiran law prohibited her from further coupling with the handsome vampire she’d ravished earlier that night. She recalled how his tight buns had shaken as she had plunged the dildo into his anus. What a lovely, lovely ass. Her pussy flooded with moisture. By the goddess! She bit her lip, wondering if she could somehow manage to fuck him a few more times before she returned home to begin indiscriminate breeding.

The thought of the life that awaited her at home -- as an adult female with no prospects outside of the breeding mills -- caused a rebellious urge to surface. To have her entire life ahead of her and to be free… free to do as she liked. Free to endlessly fuck and couple with the handsome vampire she’d stalked for nearly a week. Why shouldn’t she have him again? Who would know? Especially if she refused to return home and do what was expected of her. Who could stop her? Like her mother before her, she had been born much stronger and more agile than most Telmiran women.

She knew she had the physical strength necessary to defend herself against any Compliance Agent sent to retrieve and punish her. But there was another whose welfare would be jeopardized should she decide to defy Telmiran law. Kyla, still at home, and surely suffering at the hands of their mother’s only surviving male sibling, would pay a bigger price for Susoma’s defiance. She thought of her shy, sweet sibling trying to bear up under a burden that was not rightly hers, and shook her head. Kyla already suffered for their mother’s transgressions. Sue could not allow her sister to suffer for her sins as well. It was said that Earth vampires lived long lives. Perhaps once Kyla was safely off Telmira, Susoma would escape and return to Earth and find this handsome, vibrant male. Perhaps he would wait for her.

She took a measure of comfort in what she knew in her soul to be wishful thinking. By the time Kyla was ready to depart Telmira for her woman journey, Susoma would have bred children of her own. Children she would not be able to take with her if she fled. And leaving a child behind, especially a female child, would be more than she could bear. No. The course of her life had been set. She would do her duty as befitted an adult female with no important family connections or prospects. She hoped that somehow a kinder destiny awaited Kyla. If that were so, Sue’s life as a breeder would be more tolerable.

Sighing with regret, she decided she could not risk coupling with the vampire again. He was not an ordinary Earthman. If she took him again, he might remember. Besides, she could not chance him recalling their experience and realizing that an alien woman had taken him.

A pity he was now off-limits. Still, this place the crystal had led her to called Sin City must be filled with men with wonderful asses. Such uninitiated men would surely welcome the opportunity to be introduced to the joys of anal delight. She ran her tongue along her bottom lip. She had a little time remaining to discover some of them. Starting now.

She tucked the two-headed dildo and lube into her purse, but had to leave the whip. She walked across the room, opened her hotel room door, and stepped into the corridor. Steel-like fingers closed around her neck and she found herself staring up into the handsome face of the vampire whose anal virginity she had so enjoyed taking earlier that evening. “Bitch! Did you really think you could wipe my memory? I know what you did and you will dearly pay for it!”

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