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Secret Shadows
Judie Aitken

Secret Shadows Excerpt

An excerpt from Chapter 19...

They crossed the ridge behind Clement’s cabin and descended the steep grade on the other side. At the bottom of the hill, emptiness spread out all around them. Claire had never seen anything like it in her life. The wide expanse of land, undisturbed by buildings or anything touched by man, left her breathless. The wind, blowing across the prairie, set the tall grass into a strange, undulating movement, creating ripples like waves on the ocean.

“Look.” Dane stopped his horse and pointed toward the sky. “Eagles.”

Reining her horse to a stop beside him, Claire looked up. High overhead, two large birds rode the currents, gliding with their wings outspread, swirling around one another in an aerial ballet. As though bored with their graceful dance, the eagles turned, plunged toward one another, and seemed to collide in midair. Locked together, talon to talon, the birds plummeted toward the ground.

Claire gasped, watching in awe as mere moments before crashing into the ground, the birds separated and climbed high into the sky and began their dangerous aerobatics once again.

“Why...why do they do that?” she asked, her voice breathless with wonder. “That is...unbelievable.”

“They’re a mating pair,” Dane replied. “Eagles mate for life. It’s quite a sight, isn’t it?”

“Oh, yes. But why do the hold onto each other until they almost hit the ground?”

He removed his sunglasses and looked at her. “Trust. It’s all about trust. Loving someone, wanting to be with that someone for a lifetime, and staying with that’s all about trust.”

Caught in his gaze, she couldn’t turn away, not even when she heard the shrill call of the eagles as they soared overhead. Finally she found her voice but could only whisper her answer. “Yes, it is...all about trust.”

The air around them seemed to be charged with electricity as they stared at one another. Neither spoke, neither moved. The only sounds were the calls of the pair of eagles in the sky.

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