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Heart of Stone
Rachel Bo

Heart of Stone Excerpt

Danni polished the last claw on the eagle she was finishing up for the Mayfair Commission. Nodding to herself, she stepped back and wiped sweat from her forehead. Her air-conditioning had been on the fritz lately, and her t-shirt was plastered to her like a second skin. Abruptly, she peeled it off, tossing it in the direction of the cot, her bra and the rest of her clothes following within seconds.

Grellix’s mind reeled. The sun shone on his thought-mate, gilding her plump breasts, her rounded hips. Almost, he reached out with his mind and caressed her, but he stopped himself at the last minute, remembering how long she had stayed away the first time he had done that.

Danni turned. For several minutes, she stared into the gargoyle’s eyes, searching for that vibrant intelligence she kept sensing. Since he had arrived, she had felt like a new woman—sexy, young, and more alive than ever before. In the quiet times, when she was deep in concentration on a new sculpture, she sensed a presence. Watching her. Wanting her. Half the time she thought she was going crazy, the other half she thought she was the only sane person left in the world.

Idly, she lifted her long, dark brunette hair above her head, letting it cascade slowly through her fingers. Moving to a rhythm she felt in the soles of her feet, she began to dance, her gaze never straying from that of the stone gargoyle, her eyes drinking him in. She opened herself to the feeling, and the earth’s beat pulsed in her veins. Faster and faster she whirled, giving herself over at last to the presence that permeated the rocks, the dirt, the very essence of Gaia, letting it guide her wholly at last.

Grellix thought that his stone body might burst into a thousand pieces of rubble. His thought-mate danced like a goddess at his feet. Dancing for HIM, speaking to him in the primal rhythm of the earth. HERE IS YOUR REWARD, the gods seemed to be saying. HERE AT LAST IS THE REASON TO CONTINUE YOUR GUARDIANSHIP. Grellix’s stone heart ached. He longed for the night.

Danni danced until her welling desire made it impossible to continue. She collapsed on the floor, staring up at her gargoyle in mute appeal as her fingers found the hollow between her legs. She parted her moist lips, baring herself to the stone figure.

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