Society made them enemies.

Circumstances made them allies.

Destiny made them lovers.

In a future Earth torn apart by prejudice and religious strife, the penalty for violating the law is death. . .or worse. Only the members of the outlawed Auric Rights League dare to confront the restrictive Inter-Continental Police, doing whatever they must in a battle for their survival. Betrayed by both sides, ruthless ICP agent Val Tarrant and devoted League member Raven Armistead are framed for murder and targeted for execution. Reluctant allies, they become fugitives in a world where they must make their own laws. If they are successful, they will create a new world order. But if they fail. . .

This title has been revised and expanded for release with Cerridwen Press - Fugitive Lovers; ISBN #1419903187


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"Science Fiction with Heart!"
Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 16, 2001

RAVEN'S HEART is a near futuristic set in New Albany, Midland Territory 2028 An asteroid bound for collision with Earth had been expected to disintegrate in the atmosphere. Plans had been laid to cope with the global cooling that had been expected as a result of the Read more...

"A Strong Action Packed Futuristic"
Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 16, 2001

In 2028, the two opposition groups, the Inter-Continental Police (ICP) and the Auric Rights league battle one another just weeks before the Territorial Congress votes on the Auric Rights Bill. The ICP wants to force the Aurics to admit that their powers come from the devil. To hinder the Read more...

"A truly awesome story!"
Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 8, 2006

The polar ice caps have melted after an asteroid hit the planet. Unknown at the time, the asteroid contained particles of some unknown substance that reformed the human anatomy, creating a human hybrid. Dubbed the Aurics by the "normals" who feared their special abilities, only the Auric Rights League fights Read more...


Raven's Heart
by Jennifer Dunne

Speculation Press
November 1, 2000
ISBN #0967197961
EAN #9780967197968
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