Talented artist, Shannon McAllister, had come to Los Angeles with her heart set on finding employment as a Needle Arts designer for a large craft company. Achieving such a lofty goal, however, proved to be much harder than she expected leaving her no alternative but to accept a clerk's job at the Tapestry Boutique.

When her meddlesome co-worker, Donna, presented her with a business card for the "best dating service" in town, Shannon found herself at the extravagant Beverly Hills mansion, the Chateau L"Cost, face to face with the establishment's infamous, sexy, black-masked gigolo, the Marquis. Both shocked and frightened by his blatant sexual advances, Shannon escaped relatively unscathed from her first encounter with the virile Marquis, but through his romantic persistence, she is drawn back to him and his erotic charm.

Yet even as she fell in love with the sensual Marquis, Shannon despaired over her growing feelings for the devilishly handsome actor, Ben Tate, who had a way of popping into her life at just the right moment to rescue her from some dreadful predicaments.

Beautiful Shannon, her heart once fill with dreams and high hopes for her career, was now a soul tormented...torn between the affections of two blue-eyed men.


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Disguised Enchantment
by S. Quinn McAfee

Atlantic Bridge Publishing (Liquid Silver Books)
May 18, 2004
ISBN #1595780092
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