On the losing end of a bet, Ayden Galvoni must take on the persona of a stripper for his pal Diesel's older cousin Analise. Only focusing on the "older", Ayden isn't prepared for the sight that meets him when he goes to do his job on Analise's birthday. For Analise Elizabeth Turner-Jennings isn't old, but a hot, sexy, mature woman of forty-two. As for Analise, she knew that the moment she drew The Fool in her monthly tarot reading that changes were in store for her daily, mundane life. Ayden, in all of his glory, isn't what she was expecting. What neither of them was expecting was that sometimes, the foolish things are the right things.


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Ayden's Folly
(Tarot - The Fool)
by Alayne Warren

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
May 7, 2004
ISBN #1554101042
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