Katherine Macdonald once tasted the bitter poison of a broken heart. To protect herself, Kat put her feelings into a deep slumber. Now she lives in a cottage in a mystical wood where, assisted by seven hulking Scotsmen, she makes stained glass of magical beauty, happy in her isolation until ...

One day, a charming prince with black hair and deep blue eyes came riding into the mist-shrouded forest ...

Devon St. John has found himself in possession of the St. John talisman ring that curses the holder by clasping a wedding band on his finger when he least expects it. Devon vows that he will never give up his beloved freedom—even when an impulsive kiss from a beautiful Scotswoman with red gold hair casts a tantalizing spell ...

And so, the tale begins ...

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"My brother, Devon, left for Scotland in an effort to escape a foretold marriage. I only hope he has a very, very fast horse. He'll need one." Sara Montrose, the Countess of Bridgeton, to her friend, Sophia Hampton, Viscountess Easterly, while playing billiards at Chiswick Manor. Once upon a time, a beautiful woman locked away her heart from all who might try to enter ...

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And the Bride Wore Plaid
by Karen Hawkins

Avon Books
June 1, 2004
ISBN #0060514086
384 pages
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