2834 A.D.

Karrick Logan was only a small cub when his pack cheated death, barely managing to land on the planet Eridani after their spaceship was sabotaged. Their human "cousins" had begun to fear and resent the physically superior wolfan subspecies they had genetically engineered, and had plotted to wipe them out.

Now Karrick is leader of the Wolfan Psi Pack; his pack is unique among the wolfan in that they can communicate through dreams. Some of them, including Karrick, can merge so seamlessly into another person's dreams that they can glean information and manipulate thoughts.

After thirty years of isolation, a small spaceship has brought a human female to Eridani. It's up to Kerrick to determine if she presents a danger to his pack. He intends to merge his mind with their lovely visitor to determine her purpose in visiting his home. In their shared dreams, he finds himself irresistibly drawn to her, realizing that he's found his mate.

When the two meet for the first time, dreams and reality merge with explosive results.


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Beast of Dreams
by Cynthia Williams

Ellora's Cave
April 14, 2004
ISBN #1843608383
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