Sissy! is a novel set in 1862-1863 and deals with Jessica Radford's revengeful fury when her parents are murdered by a brutal slave catcher. Disguised later as a male soldier on a Tennessee battleground of the Civil War, Jessica is about to kill the wrong man. But she is challenged when she confronts Sissy, a guardian angel of a slave girl the Radford family had adopted. This is a story of compassion and forgiveness during an incredible era of hatred and violence. Sissy! is also the story of two male slaves who hunger for freedom and one free black man who still feels the pain and torment of all other slaves who are still being denied their freedom. Sissy! brings the reader into the hearts and minds of people who shaped Kansas history—and the history of this country...people like James Lane, Colonel Martin, General Rosecrans, ...newspapermen like John Speer, who was not afraid to tell the ugly truth about slavery... unknown heroes who worked through the Underground Railroad...brave women who disguised themselves in order to fight alongside soldiers... and men like William Quantrill, who thought nothing of committing terrorism on a defenseless town. The reader of Sissy! will feel the heartbreak and tenacity of the men and experience the courage and sacrifice of the women of that bygone era.


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by Tom Mach

January 1, 2004
ISBN #0974515922
345 pages
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