On the run for his life...

All he wanted was a chance to live long enough to testify against the mob. Tampa architect Zachary Lang comes to magic practitioner Selena Cross looking for a place to hide from the people out to keep him from his day in court. Instead, he discovers a submissive soulmate.

Looking to find the love of her life...

Although Zach doubts his lover's colorful magic stones and incantations can shield him from harm, he's in for a surprise. She tells him to trust the stones and follow his heart, and he discovers she's right. The stones are magic after all. And their love has magic all its own.


An Excerpt From: Colors of Love

© Copyright Ann Jacobs, 2004.

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave, Inc.

The obsidian and its clear quartz mate generated gentle energy that warmed Selena Cross’s palm, but their heat didn’t reach her lonely heart as she watched her former lover’s classic Corvette round the bend and disappear.

If only someday she might find the kind of love again that Garrett shared with his beautiful wife, the magic that crackled between the two. The sort of arousing, exhilarating relationship she’d once had with her dead Master, the love she’d once hoped to rediscover with Garrett.

Before leaving, Garrett had dropped the stones into Selena’s hand and thanked her for sharing the talismans that had led him and Elaine to their runaway daughter and brought them back into each other’s arms. “Save them for someone else in need. Elaine and I will make our own magic now,” he’d said, and then he’d bent and brushed his lips across Selena’s cheek.

Just that momentary contact had made Selena hot and wet, recalling when not so long ago she’d lain in his arms, felt his big cock pulsating inside her while his heart had beaten a strong, steady cadence against her nipples. Nipples he’d coaxed to hard points with his teeth and tongue that now puckered against the restraints of her practical cotton bra.

She’d known from the start that to him she was a pale substitute for the woman who still held his heart, yet she’d wanted so much to rediscover love. He’d brought her body back to life after a long dormancy, but to him she’d only been a friend who’d given him much-needed comfort.

For a long time Selena had been content, remembering life with her Master, performing for others the sex magic they’d once performed with love…with caring. Now, though, she wanted more. She wanted to finally wish her Master’s memory farewell, ignite a sensual flame in a new lover’s eyes, the kind of flame that sizzled so obviously between Garrett and Elaine. But no, her magic didn’t extend that far. She tried hard to banish the longing and the loneliness that held her in its grasp.

Closing her eyes, she clutched the stones and concentrated. She visualized a house on the beach, a coltish teenage girl jogging across a wide expanse of sand while her parents watched from the shelter of their patio. The woman was beautifully pregnant, and the man’s big hands surrounded her burgeoning belly. Garrett and Elaine, united with their daughter, beamed with happiness as they awaited a new baby, apparently anticipating a life filled with love.

Selena choked back a sob. Seeing the reconciled couple together these past weeks, and now looking into their future, made her own life here on the Suwannee seem bleak, isolated. She constantly fought loneliness despite the guests who came and went, seeking solace and solitude, healing and respite from the pressures of an unforgiving world. At the river’s edge, Selena sank onto a stone bench and rubbed the magic stones together between her palms.

Someday, the magic you bring to others will come again to you. That voice, faint but distinct, wafted across the river on a gentle breeze, bringing Selena hope where despair had so recently laid her low. It’s not time yet, though, for first you must let your Master rest in peace.

That was true. Though she’d performed sex magic for many guests, even made what she told herself was love with Garrett Bryant, her dead Master still owned the better parts of her. Seven years had passed since he’d left her, but still she wore His jewels, went to sleep each night with His memory foremost in her mind. She had to banish Him from her heart, much as she banished the mischievous auras in her Wiccan rituals.

It would take time and effort to find the inner strength to let Him go.

Meanwhile, she’d serve her guests, bring them the magic she so wanted for herself. The stones warmed at her touch, the obsidian and the brilliant clear crystal quartz. Her talismans. They’d worked to bring Garrett his heart’s desire. Perhaps when she’d cleansed her soul of memories, they’d work for her.

Colors of magic. Each day she’d come here by the Suwannee, close her eyes, and ask the Lord and Lady to banish her dead Master from her heart, to make room there for another love. One day if they granted her wish, she’d rub the colors of magic together and see His face: the face and colors of love.

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Colors of Love
by Ann Jacobs

Ellora's Cave
April 1, 2004
ISBN #1843608294
EAN #9781843608295
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