Prudence Armitage is his dearest friend... until a compromising position changes everything. Nicholas Parrish had no intentions of taking a bride, and certainly not someone like Prudence. Of course she's charming, pleasant, and a diligent employee of The Ladies' Fashionable Cabinet, the magazine Nicholas and his sister run from his home. Prudence may even be considered pretty, when you look past the mousy hair and dreadful glasses. But when she falls asleep at her desk and remains in his town house all night, her irate father demands satisfaction. And being a true gentleman, Nicholas agrees to do the proper thing.

Though marrying Prudence never crossed his mind before, he has to admit there is an intriguing and desirable side to her he's only just beginning to see. But Nicholas may need to reconsider his plans for a marriage "in-name-only" especially now that Pru has decided to make herself totally irresistible.


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Once a Gentleman
by Candice Hern

Avon Books
May 1, 2004
ISBN #0060565144
384 pages
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