Epic Fantasy #151; In a world under three moons, in the courts and villages of three kingdoms, the fates of the Dreamers are at stake. Only Dreamers can bend the power of the gods and perform the magic that holds chaos at bay. The Dreamers are always few in number, born of rare unions between ruling Shapers and peasant Keepers. The Shapers no longer believe in magic. The practical Keepers no longer see any need for it.

The Dreamers need to find Shapers and Keepers who will love each other, but love between the rulers and the ruled is harder and harder to come by. While the Dreamers battle against extinction with the help of only King Sene of Sitrine, the rest of the world is plunged into power struggles and turmoil. The death of a princess sends another, Vray of Rhenlan into exile, results in the murder of the queen of Dherrica, and plants the seeds of revolution in Jordy the carter and Dael, captain of the royal guard of Rhenlan. If the world no longer needs dreamers, they think, why do we need Shapers, either? If the world no longer needs Dreamers, Prince Damon of Rhenlan thinks, why bother with tradition and the vows that keep a man from obtaining all the power he can?

The rare and tender love so necessary for the birth of Dreamers does manage to blossom between a few couples amid the conflict, but are these small sparks enough to hold back the darkness of war and waiting chaos?
(Originally published in CD-ROM format from Starlight Writer Publications, 08/99)


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Moons' Dreaming
(Children of the Rock Duology: Book 1)
by Susan Sizemore, Marguerite Krause

Five Star
May 1, 2004
Available: May 1, 2004
ISBN #141040191X
EAN #9781410401915
464 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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