The archangel Michael has sent the fallen angel, Raven, on a mission. He has told Raven that the fallen angel, Azriel, has escaped his imprisonment beneath the earth and set his sights on waging war against the human race.

*Step one in Azriel's plan: Free the Nephilim, an ancient race of angels exiled from the earthly realm ten thousand years ago.

*Azriel's problem: Neither he nor any non-Nephilim creature can cross the barrier between earth and Hir na Gog where the Nephilim reside.

*Azriel's solution: Find the last human Nephilim, the only being able to accomplish this task.

Unfortunately for mankind Charity, the last human Nephilim, has no idea who she is. Raven must find Charity before Azriel does, convince her of her ancestry, and take her to safety. He knows the price of failure, what he doesn't know or expect is that his Nephilim quarry will be so enticing it will take all of his strength just to keep his hands off of her.


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The Nephilim War: Book 1
by Adrienne Kama

Zumaya Publications (Extasy Books)
March 3, 2004
ISBN #1554100860
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