We all have different shapes, different tastes, and different lifestyles, so why should one diet work for everyone? How can you take the guesswork out of selecting the diet that's a perfect fit for you? Lisa Sanders, M.D., an internist and a researcher at the Yale University School of Medicine, has spent the past 5 years analyzing more than 700 weight-loss programs and has uncovered a fundamental truth about dieting: Sustainable weight loss is only possible on a diet that fits your food preferences, satiety signals, lifestyle, and medical profile. You can lose weight with many diets -- but you can keep the weight off only with a diet that satisfies all of you.

Building on her research, Dr. Sanders has designed the first science-based method for creating a customized weight- loss plan that works for you -- for life!

The key to her plan is an interactive questionnaire that covers everything from your family and medical histories to the foods that tickle your tastebuds, relieve your stress, and trigger feelings of satisfaction. The answers to these questions guide you to the basic diet that will help you lose weight for life. Dr. Sanders then reveals how to customize that diet to accommodate your lifestyle, activity level, and personal tastes.

The Perfect Fit Diet is a reliable compass for navigating the thicket of competing diet claims, a rational path for the thinking person who wants to lose weight.

Low-carb, high-fat. High-carb, low-fat. Eat like a caveman. Eat in "The Zone." Eat on "The Beach." Does anything really work? More important, will any of it work for you?

Until now, the only way to find the right diet has been through a maddening guessing game. And there's nothing more frustrating than failing, then gaining back all of the weight -- and more!

Lisa Sanders, M.D., has made it her mission to find out how diets really work and why, despite the odds, some dieters are able to take the weight off and keep it off. She's spent years poring over hundreds and hundreds of medical studies -- and guess what?

Each of these diets works -- for the right person. The trick is to find the diet that works for you. Dr. Sanders has uncovered the secret to matching the dieter to the weight-loss program -- one that is most suited to the dieter's tastes, lifestyle, and cravings.

Dr. Sanders's revolutionary Perfect Fit Questionnaire will eliminate the guesswork and guide you to your Perfect Fit Diet, pointing you to one of three basic diets. You'll then customize that diet to create a perfectly personalized plan -- one that allows you to shed those pounds, without feeling hungry or deprived, for a lifetime!

Genre: Non-Fiction, Self Help


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The Perfect Fit Diet
by Lisa Sanders, M. D.

Rodale Custom Publishing
January 1, 2004
Available: January 3, 2004
ISBN #1579546986
EAN #9781579546984
288 pages
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