At the Torture Rehabilitation Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the best psychiatrists in the world try to put back together human beings destroyed by the tyrants of the world. Lost in the maze of one patient's shattered mind is a terrible secret, so terrible that even in his shattered state he cannot be allowed to live. The Twins are young, blond, nubile women---and the most deadly team of assassins in the world. Their first attempt at killing the patient succeeds only in killing a double, and they are almost killed by two unlikely bystanders: ex- military special operator Dale Miller (No Other Option) and former CIA operator Charley Payne (Warrior in the Shadows). Miller and Payne are recruited by the CIA to protect the patient. And a clandestine game of cat and mouse between the assassins and the protectors leads to Amsterdam, where the money man behind the Twins' operations has set up base, and to a bloody showdown in Athens, where Dale Miller nearly loses his life. It's left to Charley Payne to discover the secret locked deep in the subconscious of the patient's shattered mind and hunt one deadly man through the streets of Washington, D.C., and stop him before he can unleash an event that could kill millions. Marcus Wynne took you on a thrill ride in his first book, No Other Option, when a special ops team had to hunt down one of its own. In Warrior in the Shadows, Payne pursued a psychopathic killer who drew his strength from cannibalism and black magic. Brothers in Arms unites the heroes from his previous books in a global battle to face down a threat to the United States of America.


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Brothers in Arms
by Marcus Wynne

February 21, 2004
ISBN #0765307820
352 pages
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