Ancient Prophesy engraved on the Snake God's temple

"...take heed; there is one who can destroy gods and topple kings from their throne.
One none can touch—a child born of none.
Her father's death shall set her free, until then, a virgin must she be.
She will lose her powers if a child she will bear... Till then, gods and kings, beware."

The Snake God's daughter is missing, and Lyo's kingdom is overrun with enemies. The world teeters on the edge of disaster and only Diamina, a slave girl with a shadowy past, can save it.

Lyo's and Diamina's quest takes them from the high seas to the treacherous desert. They travel on foot, by ship, on a camel named Sunshine, and by astral projection. Yet, the most dangerous peril of all is simply making love.

Take one sexy runaway, a giant cobra, a talking cat who can only predict doom—add a healthy dose of magic which is strictly forbidden by the Snake God—and mayhem will result!


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by Samantha Winston

Ellora's Cave
February 11, 2004
ISBN #1843608057
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